Duke's Naughty Coloring Book Vol. 1


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Duke’s Naughty Coloring Book

Duke's Naughty Coloring Book

Duke’s Naughty Coloring Book is one of the first books of its kind in the Adult arena.


Do you like erotic pictures?  Do you like women with big breast and big booties? Duke’s Naughty Coloring Books Vol. 1 are not your kid’s coloring book or any other adult coloring book.  Adult ONLY!  Duke has spent 10 years in illustration. He loves curvy voluptuous women and thought you might too.

Duke’s Hardcore Honey’s are in all sorts of compromising positions, Duke outlines the thoughts you have been having, you bring them to life with Technica color.  These come out amazing from utilizing your kid’s crayons, colored pencils, or markers.  These really are not set up for watercolor paints or oils.


Duke’s Naughty Coloring Book Vol. 1

I met Duke at an industry seminar and thought this is perfect timing for a book like this.  While speaking with him I learned many revealing things about him.  Such as he has been drawing “naughty” drawing since he was 10 (he is more than a decade past that).

He has always respected women and been attracted to voluptuous curvy sexy women.  This is the first volume in this set of 10 you can expect  Duke’s Hardcore Honey’s in BDSM scenes and showing off as Sexy Super Hero’s.  Personally, I am looking forward to both!


Dukes Hardcore Honey’s and Duke’s Naughty Coloring Books are something to keep your eyes open for.  There are plans to introduce these curvy women into the sex doll world!  There are plans to branch out into multi-media, as stated more coloring books, and dolls.

Duke's Naughty Coloring Book

A colored version of the front cover lends itself to ideas.

Duke's Naughty Coloring Book

Duke’s Hardcore Honey’s are masked to give you a look into Duke’s Sexy Super Hero’s .

Duke's Naughty Coloring Book

Duke’s Naughty Coloring Book just 2 of the fun pages for you to have come to life.

Duke's Naughty Coloring Book

Duke’s Naughty Coloring Book Back cover