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30 Places for a Quickie

30Places for a Quickie

We all dream of places to have sex.  However, men think of places quickies more than women, so what do you say ladies, Challenge your man to a couple places while your out on the town.  Now not all of these places are readily available but you have to be a bit adventurous to make the lovin’ happen. If you have more to add just add a comment at the end of this post.

  1. Car-  Act like your in High School again and go park, see where it takes you, or just come prepared.
    Car is a great place for a quickie

    Place for a Quicke- Car

  2. Closet-Have you christened your walk in closet?  How about the coat check room at a party? Just don't mess up anyone's coats.
  3. Shower-Now with Sex In the Shower Leg up step you can have sex much easier in the shower.  They also have a great Silicone Lube to keep everything moving.
  4. Movie Theater-Sit in the back wear a skirt ladies and sit on his lap facing the screen.  Or lean over and give him a hummer.
  5. Office- Wither or not you work in an office the thrill of
  6. Fitting room- Your getting naked there anyway.
  7. Elevator- to make it last longer there are ways to stop the elevator but just be aware that it might sound an alarm
  8. Back of a club/restaurant/nightclub- you will need to be more discrete than other places. But fun the same.
  9. Stairwell- there are plenty of areas to utilize, the stairs (put something under you so you don't get dirty), the landing or up against the wall or door make great places for a quickie.
  10. Alley- If your in your car, look for a pallet to lay on.
  11. Wedding- for most receptions are at a hotel so there are plenty of places of a quickie.
  12. Drive in movie-In the bed of a truck or back of the SUV.
  13. Taxi- You will have an audience but make use of the back seat.  Don't be surprised if the driver wrecks, haha.
  14. Supply closet- Oh shelves to lean up against or tubs to bend over be creative.
  15. Video arcade- Now you don't want to give the kids an education but many cities have adult video arcades where you can slip between the games to get a quickie.
  16. Garage-a quickie while your man is working on the car or his motorcycle may interrupt him for a few minutes but the task at hand will get done faster.
  17. Pool table- Most men think about having a quickie when you take your shot anyway.
  18. Laundry mat- Laundry mats are secluded places late at night.
  19. Baseball park- what a better way to enjoy the game than to have a quickie in the upper levels.
  20. Terrace-what a beautiful place to have a quickie surrounded by flowers and greenery.
  21. Beach-You will get sand in certain places but it will be a quickie to remember especially if you skinny dip at night.
  22. Locker room-a gym locker room one can be slipped in quickly.  Use the ladies there re more stalls and it is cleaner.
  23. Concert-Make sure to get a commemorative t-shirt.
  24. Office desk- clearing off the desk in one swoop like in the movies is what we all picture in our minds.
  25. Bus or mass transit- late at night there are few people on the bus.  It could be like Risky Business reminiscent.
  26. Apple picking/ in an orchard- What a great day, outside picking fruit, and taking advantage of the day.
  27. Hot Tub/ Pool-  Enough said, except it might not be a quickie if your alone.
  28. Kitchen cabinets- Getting things done on the kitchen counter tops will make all big holiday's quite memorable when you have to spend allot of time in the kitchen.
  29. Stables- There is hay in the stable or the loft make great places to have a quickie.
  30. Hospital Room-When you want to go home your well enough to have a quickie before visiting hours are up.

How I Fucked My Gardner When The Hubby Was Away

{Every day he works right under my nose, his perfectly build body covered in fine sweat as he tends to the garden. I watch him through my bedroom window while I lie on my bed stroking my wet pussy. The sweat forms thin little streams that run down his perfect abs and lets his treasure trail stick to his perfect abs.~I could not help but notice our gardener had a perfect body with muscles that really turned me on. As I was home most of the time, I started watching him and pleasing myself with a good rub as I fantasized about having him inside me. His stomach was flat and hard.~For months now I have been watching the sexy gardener as he worked in silence round the house. His perfectly sculpted body moving and sweating in the sun. Many times I fingered myself violently watching the fine hairs on his flat stomach dripping with water. This man looked primal and became my obsession.}

{I often masturbate thinking of the pleasures at the end of that thin line of hair disappearing in his pants. His bulge looked massive and inviting. As I watched him, I saw him fold over, his face drawn in agony.~One morning I was watching him from my bed, my own fingers deep inside my pussy when he stopped working and looked at his finger. He surely had a splinter from the rake he was working with.~One day I stayed in bed as he was working the roses before my window. I worked my clit and became wet with lust. He suddenly stopped and made a gesture of pain with his hand. He most probably got a thorn in his finger.}

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{This was my chance I thought as I ran to the door. As I reached him, I could smell him and this drove me wild with lust. Will you be ok I asked? He smiled and showed me a splint in his finger. Let me tend to that I said as I lead him back to my bedroom. He looked a bit bewildered, but followed in silence.~I rushed out to offer my help and looked t me half surprised as I gently took his hand to have a look. You better come in so that I can work on that I commanded. He shot me a smile and followed me without hesitation. His smell drove me wild and I could feel my heart pounding in my ears.~I took the chance and opened my bedroom door. Are you ok big boy I asked coyly? He gave me a huge smile but did not answer – his gaze fixed on my naked body. Better we look at that I said as I held out my hand to him. He took it and followed me indoors, his eyes playing all over my nakedness.}

{I let him sit down on the edge of the bed while I bend over right in front of him to find a pair of tweezers on my dresser. In the mirror I saw him look at the offering with the right kind of attention I wanted from him.~I sat my patient down on my bed and bend down to scratch around on my dresser for the right instrument. My g string did little to hide my swollen pussy that I directed straight at him. I watched him stare at it in the mirror and saw his bulge grow in his pants.~He sat down sheepishly after I pushed him onto my bed. I knew the sight he got as I bent to find the tweezers. In my mirror I could see he was licking his lips and his crotch seemed to have doubled in size.}

{I turned and removed the splinter in one pull. He looked at my boobs right in front of his mouth and did not hesitate when I placed his injured hand on one of them. He fondled me hard as his mouth found my taut nipple.~I turned and sat on his lap. He sheepishly held up his finger and I pulled the splinter effortlessly. My breasts were tingling as I gently rubbed them against his lips. He looked at me and when I smiled, he took hold of one of them, licking my nipple through my sheer nightgown.~As I turned to attend to his wound, he slipped his hands over my breasts. His touch was warm and sweaty and every much as good as I imagined all those months of watching him through my window.}

{He tasted of sweat and earth as I worked my way up his neck to his mouth. His kiss was wet and wild as I sat down on his lap. I could feel his hard cock pressing against his overalls. I wanted him right there and then and whispered this in his ear.~His hair smelled of sweat and sunlight as I worked my way to his mouth. He kissed just like in my fantasy sessions. He pulled me onto his lap and I started to slow ride his thick and now hard cock. Fuck me, I whispered to him.~His lips tasted of salt and sunlight as he drowned me in his kiss. I slipped down his sweaty chest and felt his hard cock press on my belly. Fuck me senseless I begged him and his eye told me that this was his plan anyway.}

{He threw me on my back and dropped his pants. His thick cock was dripping a little pre cum. I spread my legs for him and he drove inside me as he lay down on top of me. Our tongues played in lust as he fucked me hard and deep. I lifted my hips and closed my legs round his waste. We moved in sync as he relentlessly fucked me.~We rolled onto the bed and he pinned me down with more kisses. As he ripped his pants down with one hand, I caught a glimpse of his massive cock just before he entered me hard and deep stretching me to my limit. I wanted all f him inside me so I wrapped my legs round hi back to pull him in deeper. He fucked me like an animal.~He effortlessly rolled me over and slipped out of his overalls. In my mirror I saw the thickness and massive size of his cock as he slipped deep inside me with a single thrust. Months of fantasy exploded inside me and I let out my pleasure by pulling him deeper inside with my calves on his bubble butt. He responded by f ucking as deep as he could.}

{With his strong arms he lifted my body and pushed me up against the wall. I used his muscular arms as support as he kept on driving into me. I felt the world starting to spin as my orgasm started to build. He carried me into our shower and turned the water on.~As if I weighed nothing at all he picked me up, still hard inside of me and carried me off to the shower. I turned on the water and he pressed me flat against the wall, still fucking me. My orgasm grew like am monster inside me.~After what felt like hours, he lifted me and walked into our step in shower. The water was cool and sent us both into the wildest orgasm I have ever felt. He roared as he filled my insides with his hot cum.}

{The power jets massaged our bodies as we both came with such a force that I nearly crushed his ribs with my arms. He lifted me up so that I had to push against the ceiling to balance. With slow deep licks, he ate his cum out of me. This lead to my second orgasm.~His groan filled the room as he shot deep inside me. I joined in almost immediately with the best orgasm I have ever felt. He lifted my pussy to his face and slurped his cum from my insides. This unexpected feeling drove me into a second and even more powerful orgasm. This was a man and not a weakling like my husband.~The next moment I felt him pushing my butt towards the ceiling and before I could scream, he was eating out his dripping cum from my ravaged pussy. My second orgasm came spontaneously as he feasted on my cunt. For a moment I thought about my husband at work, but only for a very fleeting moment.}

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