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My First Experience With A Sex Prostitute Was Pretty Darn Weird

{One day I was really lonely, my girlfriend was out of town, and quite frankly I didn't know what to do with myself. I was paging through the phone book, looking for escort agencies and making lists. This was because I found they were a great place to sell my goods - at that time I was selling jewellery, stockings and perfume.~My first experience with a sex prostitute came about when my chick was overseas. I had become a bit isolated since dating her, and I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. As I was looking for addresses for escort agencies in the phone book - I sold then perfume and stockings, at the time, I came up with a bright idea.~When my girlfriend went back to Israel because her visa had run out, I was pretty darn lonely. This was when I had my first experience with a sex prostitute, and I have to admit, it was not what I expected it to be. I was looking up the numbers and addresses of escort agencies, I sold the girls stockings and perfume and it was a good market place, and I had an idea.}

{I was also looking for the more local places, as I liked to keep fit by walking to as many places as I could and this idea hit me. Why don't I call up and escort agency and instead of trying to flog to them, give them some of the money I had made back, by exchange of trade. In other words get myself a sex prostitutes.~I liked to walk where I worked as this also kept me fit, and I saw there were a lot of local agencies. So I thought, why not call them up and give them a bit of trade, I had already made enough money out of sex prostitutes.~I used to pick on local agencies, so I could walk while I worked, this had the added benefit of keeping me fit. And as I looked at the names, numbers and addresses, I thought to myself, why not give them some trade for a change, why no try a sex prostitutes?}

{I thought about my girlfriend and I decided, you know what a sex prostitute is actually the best idea. It's just business, there are no emotional ties, I pay them for a fuck or whatever it is I want and wash my hands (and my cock) clean of the whole matter.~Thinking of the girlfriend so far away from home did nothing to deter men, I justified it, and thought - what the heck, I am paying for a fuck or a hand job (I like those) and this is not love, so no betrayal was involved.~A sudden pang of conscience made me think of my girlfriend and just as quickly I put it to the back of my mind. This was not personal, I was not going to fall in love with the girl; she will be a sex prostitute for goodness sake. There was definitely no betrayal involved.}

{As we lived nearby and sold to a lot of the local hot spots, I didn't want to shit on my own doorstep. I looked up an agency in the next suburb and game them a call. I made an appointment to keep on their premises, which is the best idea, and went over to shop for what I wanted.~I didn't think it was a good idea to phone one of the agencies I live close to and often sold good to, so I found one in the closest suburb and gave them a call. A appointment was duly made and I tarted (pun intended) myself up and off I went to hunt for hymen (figuratively speaking).~Not believing it would be a good idea to frequent one of the locals - within walking distance. I looked for one in the next suburb and found just what I was looking for. I called them up and made an appointment, thinking what was it to be? A hand job, blow job, fuck or all three?}

{I have never been shy to enter an agency and never been shy to talk to sex prostitutes either, its all part of life, and in any case, a lot of my living was made selling to them. This time the tables were turned.~It has never been a problem for me to walk into a brothel or escort agency as they are so nicely called, because I am used to selling there. Although this time the tables were turned, it was easy for me to walk in.~I am quite used to brothels from selling in them and it was simple for me to walk into this one and take a seat at the bar. I was immediately surrounded by girls, but I wanted to shop a bit, get the full experience so to speak.}

{I ordered a drink at the bar and got talking to a few of the girls, all of them asking me if I was looking for a date - I said yes of course.~A couple of girls came up to me as I ordered a drink at the bar, asked me if I wanted a date, and I said I wanted a drink first and I was still shopping.~A couple of the girls ask if I was looking for a date and I replied "yes, but I am still looking."}

{Eventually I picked on one little girl who looked promising and as I was hungry, I asked her out to dinner. She said sure, and off we went like any regular date. We got talking and she told me how her husband liked the fact she was a call girl, it turned him on. I was fascinated.~I got talking to a few of the girls, I have never been able to "do dumb" so I wanted someone who had something to say for themselves. I lighted upon a nice little girl who was doing this so she could study during the day. She was married and told me that the fact she was a sex prostitute turned her husband on, and this idea intrigued me so I bought her a drink.~I spoke to a few of the ladies and as I am a bit fussy about my ladies and like one with half a brain, I was looking for something a bit special. I lighted on one little girl who was very bright and bubbly, she also said she was working as a sex prostitute to fund her studies and that she was married. Said this was the perfect pro fession or her as her husband got turned on by the idea that other men fucked her.}

{You know what, the evening passed and we had a really good time, when I dropped her back at the agency, we had had dinner and drinks and a really good and interesting talk, but I didn't feel any excitement or sexual energy. I just paid her and left her there, standing on the doorstep, thanking her for the great date, while she stared at me as though I had lost my marbles.~We actually ended up going out and having drinks and there was no sexual energy and I just like the way we got on. We had dinner, we had drinks and only when I took her back to the agency did the subject of sex come up. I said no thanks, she said pay me, so I did.~I bought her a drink and then another, and we decided to go out to a club. We actually really hit it off, I liked listening to her raunchy stories, that was more of a turn on that actually fucking her. Its right what they say about sex being a head game.}

{See, I told you it was weird.. The biggest turn on for me was her telling me about how she had sex with other men, and this was how I discovered one of my many fetishes I now love sex prostitutes.~I was a real gentleman, I told you it was really weird. But you know what, some things happen for a reason, and that little girl and I ended up becoming really good friends - had found a fetish, I liked it when someone told me about the sex they had with other people too, just like her husband thats why I Like sex prostitutes.~It was too weird, but at the end of the night I took her back to the agency and paid her - no sex, other than a mind-fuck. But I also realised, that I, like her husband, had as bit of a fetish for hearing about sex, and not so much participating in the act bring on sex prostitutes.}

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