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Sex With a Female Ranger at Yosemite

{It was a hot sultry day somewhere in May when I had this wonderful, wonderful experience with this oomph-laden female park ranger. I was on my yearly visit to Yosemite—I always go alone and camp out there for a weekend—when this happened. Well, this year’s trip suddenly turned out memorable.~I will never forget that very adventurous May night when I got a sudden taste of cunt in the middle of the Yosemite. I visit the park every year but this year it was just special. I was staying over the weekend as I do every year when this thing happened—surely the most thrilling thing that ever happened to me :)~It was in the middle of May, very hot, and I was in Yosemite Park for my annual weekend getaway there. But the best thing that happened was that I got to taste some interesting uniformed pussy at the part this time. Well, I go there every year, but this year it really got to be very, very special.}

{The sun was just setting. I was camped for the evening. It was hot and I was almost naked inside the camp. I loved it that way. It gives me a bit of thrill being like that out in the open.~It was about late evening, not completely dark, but I was all set with my camp for the night. It was hot and I was understandably just in my boxers. I love the sense of open park breeze on my naked skin.~Evening had already begun but it wasn’t quite dark yet. My camp was set and since it was so hot, I had discarded all my clothes except for my briefs. It was wonderful to lie like that, almost naked, in the middle of the most famous park in the world.}

{And then suddenly this female ranger came hollering at my tent. “Who’s in there?” she asked. “Camper?” she asked again.~Just when I was relaxing, I heard the woman outside—“Who’s that inside?” I was caught off-guard for a moment and she took the liberty to peer inside.~And just when I was trying to get cozy inside my tent, I got someone walking up to my tent and saying—“Anyone inside there?” It was a female voice and it disoriented me a little. In that slight moment of confusion, the caller bobbed her head in.}

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{I grunted something that meant yes. Well, I was planning to sit down with my rum and this park ranger was a definite distraction. But I didn’t realize how much of a distraction she really was till she bent down and peered through the tent door. I could clearly see her cleavage—her shirt was unbuttoned—and something immediately began to stiffen between my legs.~My reply went unheard because probably I didn’t say anything that made sense. I was just about to open my bottle of rum and then this beautiful damsel in a uniform made her appearance. She had really bent low to peer inside my tent (the real tent not the one in my boxer shorts 😉 and I was getting aroused at all the cleavage. She hadn’t put on her top shirt buttons and the excitement was just too much for me.~I said something, but it was probably not understood. It was my time to open my bottle of rum and starting to get drunk, and that was just when this woman made her presence felt, and how. She was bending real low to get a look inside my tent and I could see—through all those open top shirt buttons—that she had a great cleavage. I was starting to get aroused.}

{It might have been the adventure of it all, being lonely and practically naked in front of a voluptuous authoritative woman, but I immediately went hard. It didn’t take any time for this uniformed slut to recognize the salute my dick was giving her. She placed her baton on my erection and said, “Seems like someone wants to have a little fun.”~I should have known right now this was a slut in the guise of a park ranger. But she was an officer after all and she now saw the tent in my shorts and welcomed herself inside. She looked lustily at what I had to offer and then put her baton right on top of my dick. “Maybe I could do with a little fun here,” she said.~She was a park ranger, a true-blue uniformed officer. And still there was something definitely slutty about her. I was immediately excited and got this huge erection in my shorts. Without waiting for my reply, she walked in and checked out my bulge. She gave a very lusty smile and then put her baton r ight on top of my cock. “Ah, someone wants to have fun now,” she said with a big greedy grin.}

{Saying this, she made her way in and without another word removed her shirt. I quickly removed my shorts and rammed my dick into her mouth. The hungry bitch swallowed it whole. I was getting hornier than usual thinking I was deep-throating a female official.~She came right in and began unbuttoning whatever was left of her shirt. I lost no time either. I was out of those darned boxers in less than a blink and just stuffed my erect monster into her slutty mouth. She took it whole. I was just getting more and more aroused thinking how I had managed to land a uniformed officer tonight.~Saying that, she came in completely and just started taking that uniform shirt off. I was highly aroused and all, and did away with those briefs, which were growing more and more useless by the minute. And then I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I fed her my raging monster in a quick movement and she just swallowed it entirely. I was feeling so very horny about fucking a woman who was in an officer’s uniform.}

{Her breasts were smooth and supple; even her ample cleavage hadn’t done proper justice to them. I sucked at their juice as she deep-throated me.~She had ample breasts and just as soft as I liked. I loved them outside her shirt than tucked in as they were before. I couldn’t resist slurping at them.~Her breasts were huge and creamy soft. I found myself fondling them and then licking and slurping at their juicy goodness.}

{Then was the time for some more action. I got her on the floor of the tent and removed her pants. Her legs were smooth and her pussy was one of the most arousing I had seen in a while. I hoisted her feet right in the air and jammed my cock into her moist pussy.~It was time to do something more drastic. I laid her on the floor of the camping tent and then undid her pants. I saw those creamy legs and was just ecstatic. When the pussy began to show, I could have just died. It was clean shaven and was waiting for some action. I just took her legs up in the sky and got my cock right into that cunt.~I wanted more now. I got her onto the floor and did away with her pants. Beneath those officer pants, I saw she had some very sultry legs. Very nice job for such a woman of authority. And then I went further. That pussy on her. Clean shaven and smooth. I just couldn’t resist—I got my dong into that cunt sooner than she could blink.}

{We went on for more than a quarter of an hour. This wild woman had a great appetite and I couldn’t be defeated either.~It was a long time that I fucked her. The whore just didn’t let go and the stud in me had come alive as well.~I fucked her for quite a while. She was a complete whore and I was more of a man tonight.}

{Over the weekend I fucked the uniformed cunt more than five times. My visit to Yosemite has never been more adventurous.~I screwed this uniformed whore several times in those two days. Certainly, I am not going to forget this Yosemite getaway for anything.~Those two days were truly great. I won’t forget this particular Yosemite trip in a hurry.}

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