Behind the Green Door


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Behind the Green Door

Behind the Green Door

Behind the Green Door


















behind the green door

behind the green door


Marilyn Chambers, the All American Girl!


She undeniably changed the face of the adult film industry, and here she stars in her first classic ground-breaking ingenue role. Brought to the screen by the innovative talents of the Mitchell Brothers, she takes you on a cinematic journey into the sublime…

One of the most popular and recognized classic titles of all time, Behind The Green Door gives adult viewers their first glimpse of the lovely Marilyn Chambers.


Product Information

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5
Current Bestseller Rank: 1903
All Time Bestseller Rank: 123


Length 1 hrs. 8 mins.
Rating XXX
Released May 04 2001
Added Apr 26 2001
Production Year 1973
Studio  Mitchell Brothers
Number of Discs 1
UPC Code 018305200087

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  • Marilyn Chambers – (bio)
  • Candy Johnson
  • Hadley V. Baxendale
  • Jan Harmon
  • Linda Chapman
  • Leticia Torrez
  • Martha Strawberry
  • Nancy Wilson
  • Erin Lee
  • Linda Grant
  • Bunny Brody
  • Barbara Bryan
  • Bernice Mago
  • Barbara Parker
  • Rabin Drantha
  • Angela Castle
  • Johnnie Keyes
  • Ross, Jerry
  • Kirt Harmon
  • Michael Gebe
  • Richard Coburn
  • George McDonald
  • Ariel Porny
  • Rick Dayton
  • Mike Jones
  • Tom Kloud
  • Ted McKnight
  • Tyler Reynolds
  • Bill Hadley
  • Barry Vane
  • George Marconi
  • Dale Meador
  • James L. Mitchell Producer
  • Artie J. Mitchell Producer
  • James L. Mitchell Director
  • Artie J. Mitchell Director

Female Cast

    • Marilyn Chambers
      Marilyn Chambers




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