Cosmo's 500 Secrets About Men


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Cosmo’s 500 Secrets About Men

500 Secrets about Men

500 Secrets about Men


Cosmo’s 500 Secrets About Men. What subject fascinates fun, fearless females the world over? Men, of course. And who better to unlock the secrets of the male mind (and body) than Cosmo? From handling a first date to recognizing a cheater to making sex hotter, this compendium of 500 secrets that only Cosmo would know gives women an inside peek into what makes the male species tick. Want to figure out if he’s serious…or just interested in a fling? What will turn him on–or off–in a split second? Why does he still check out other women when he seems so into you? Is it important for his friends to like you? All of these burning questions–and more–are answered in this delicious little book, which women everywhere will devour and then share with their friends.


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