Shane's World #32 - Campus Invasion


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Shane’s World #32 – Campus Invasion

Shane's World #32

Shane’s World #32


Shane's World 32  Back Cover

Shane’s World 32 Back Cover

We hit the road to find out what made this school one of the top party schools in the country. We partied with everyone from fraternity guys, jocks, nerds and even GIRLS! Our girls gave so many blowjobs that their jaws were sore for a week! I guess the students don’t know not to kiss and tell, because the national news got a hold of the story and things have been crazy. Who would have thought that sex could be so controversial?


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Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Current Bestseller Rank: 2747
All Time Bestseller Rank: 195


Length 2 hrs. 33 mins.
Rating XXX
Released Jan 31 2003
Added Jan 31 2003
Production Year 2002
Studio  Shane’s World
Number of Discs 2
UPC Code 891132001443

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  • Belladonna – (bio) – (interview)
  • Calli Cox – (bio)
  • Malorie Marx
  • Boo Dilicious
  • Mr. Marcus
  • Texxx
  • Anglo Coliano
  • Matthew J. McMahon
  • Alex Motin
  • Alan Perl
  • Nathaniel Philippsen
  • Mr. Johnny Escalade
  • Zachary Rosenfeld
  • Austin Wilcox
  • Party Bob
  • Ansley Valentine
  • Bradley Behringer
  • Matthew Garis

Female Cast

  • Belladonna
  • Boo Dilicious
    Boo Dilicious
  • Calli Cox
    Calli Cox
  • Malorie Marx
    Malorie Marx