Willy warmer - each


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Willy warmer - each

Willy warmer – each







T’was the week before Christmas and it was so chilly… Everyone had warm hats on except Little “Willy”! His head was hung low with grief and despair… Cuz winter was coming and he had nothing to wear! Now Santa saw “Willy” and said, “This won’t do! He must have a warm hat, or he could turn blue!” So Santa’s Elves worked all day and all night to make this little Santa hat which fits “Willy” just right! And I know when he gets it, he’ll perk up and say, “Why, I feel in the spirit of giving today!” He’ll love you through the day, and when it gets to be night, He’ll say, “Merry Christmas to all… Now let’s turn out those light!”

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