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When Many Young Guys Who Work In Construction Exhibit Excessive And Irresponsible Drinking, Need Alcohol Treatment, And Go Through Relationship And Sexuality Problems

I work with a lot of young guys who work in construction who manifest abusive and hazardous drinking. After working real hard all day, it seems "logical" to go to the local tavern to have a few brews with one’s drinking buddies. Usually, however, it seems that the well-intentioned beer or two becomes a circumstance in which a lot of beers are consumed, much money is spent, and several hours are spent at the local saloon rather than spending time with their friends, wife or girlfriend, or with their family.

Excessive and Hazardous Drinking Can Result in Friendship, Marital, and Relationship Problems

Is it truly all that surprising in these situations that a lot of these hard working men go through alcohol induced financial problems even though they make a decent amount of money? How hard can it be for these hard working guys to comprehend that irresponsible and hazardous drinking commonly leads to marital, communication, friendship, commitment, and relationship difficulties and frequently results in sexuality difficulties and affairs? Why are these alcohol abuse and alcoholic signs so difficult for my hard working pals to see?

Excessive Drinking Can Result in DWIs, Work Problems, Numerous Health Problems, and Various Mental Health Issues Such as Depression

Should it actually be amazing to anyone that these construction workers could receive a DUI virtually any night or day of the week? Is anyone truly dazed when my hard working pals begin to show up tardy for work due to their hazardous and excessive drinking? Is anybody really all that shocked that more than a few of these hard working guys need to fortify their stress management, time management, and their anger management skills?

Does it really surprise anyone to know that my hard working buddies eventually complain about alcohol-related health problems such as hangovers, alcohol poisoning, a loss of energy, and sleep disturbances? Is it really flabbergasting that many of my hard working pals are starting to experience different mental health problems like depression? Why can't my hard working buddies "see" these alcohol effects on the body and on the mind?

To a great extent, these construction workers have gotten into a dysfunctional circumstance that is leading them to a life of alcohol abuse or alcoholism. My wish is that these construction workers will finally see that drinking behavior is not their "friend" and that they need to talk to their family doctor or someone at the local drug and alcohol rehabilitation center about their drinking problem.

Concerning the drinking behavior manifested by these construction workers, the main idea is that honesty is necessary. Indeed, these hard working guys, similar to others who engage in abusive and excessive drinking, need to look at their behavior and make a truthful assessment of what irresponsible and abusive drinking is doing to their finances, to their jobs, to their health, to their mental health, and to their relationships. In a word, my hard working friends need to realize the alcohol short term effects of their hazardous and abusive drinking.

There's Room For Hope If Those Who Engage in Continuous and Repeated Drinking Can Become Persuaded to Get the Alcohol Treatment and Alcohol Detoxification They Require

These construction workers need to get motivated and inspired about wanting to make a constructive change in their lives. Stated differently, my hard working friends need to get motivated to go to their doctor or to the local alcohol rehabilitation clinic and find out whether or not they are mainly abusing alcohol or if they are alcohol dependent. Based on the information that is found, these hard working guys then need to get the alcohol rehabilitation and the alcohol detoxification they require.

The positive news is that there’s a vast number of rehabilitation facilities, drug and alcohol treatment clinics, treatment centers, hospitals, and rehab programs where my hard working buddies can get professional treatment for their abusive and irresponsible drinking. And with some effort, it’s even possible to find treatment centers, rehab programs, rehabilitation facilities, drug and alcohol treatment clinics, and hospitals that are fairly inexpensive.

Quality Alcohol Abuse or Alcohol Dependency Help Can Begin With a Phone Call

There were evidently times in the past when professional help for alcohol abuse or alcohol dependency was far less available and more expensive that it is now. Due to the great increase of alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction in the past decade, then again, an alcohol addicted individual or an alcohol abuser commonly has few, if any, valid reasons for failing to come to terms with her or his excessive and irresponsible drinking.

In point of fact, to start the change process all it takes in many instances is a single phone call to one’s doctor or to somebody at the local alcohol rehab facility. Thereafter, long term sobriety requires commitment, follow through, and a sincere desire to change one’s toxic style of life and enhance one's self respect, positive attitude, goal setting skills, and one's self worth.

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