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10 Ways to Say I Love You

10 Ways to Say I Love You

Valentines Day is a day to express your love for your significant other.  But those three words are just that words.  If today's materialistic society it is expected to give a gift of love.  Well we are are also finding holidays challenging in today's economical climate, gone are the days of limos, candle lit dinner in a fine restaurant, dancing, a beautiful piece of jewelry  and lingerie followed by a love fest followed by breakfast in bed.

January 26 is Spouses Day so it might be a good time to start early.

If your married or living together

  • Get her a maid for a day or baby sitter for a day.
  • Make her or him breakfast in bed
  • Making her dinner
  • Go on a dinner picnic that has scenery or a water feature.
  • Spend time talking about your hopes and dreams for your future
  • Hide a pair of earrings in a box of chocolates.
  • For Him, Wrap nice and tight a new pair of sexy underwear in a box of ____(cigars/chocolate/) and write a note tell him that your not wearing any because your lover has them.
  • Shower together by candle light
  • Warm each others towel with hairdryer or dryer.
  • Get each of you some Sexy Lingerie and a new bedroom toy.
If and I stress if you want to go to a good restaurant, call for Reservations NOW!  You cannot wait. But most of all enjoy each other and have a good time together.  

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