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First Experience in Swingers club.

{My boyfriend and I were pretty out there party animals who loved fun, good times, sex and more sex. Deciding to try something different we went to a couple’s night at a swingers club, which I had never done but was really excited to do.~My girlfriend and I had been together for over four years now and were out and proud lesbians. Deciding to spice things up a bit Peta wanted to take me to a club and not just any club a swingers club at that I was partly terrified and partly excited. Peta had already been there a few times before and I trusted her so we were getting ready to go.~Far out I couldn’t believe it. My boyfriend Peta and I had decided on going to a swingers club. I had never been to one before and was both terrified and excited. I could tell that Peta was nervous as well. I could tell because he was just as bad as me and couldn’t decide what to wear (only to find out later on all our gear would be off.)}

{Walking through with Peta I followed and took everything in. In some rooms looking through peepholes there was couples going for it alone and in others a group of couples going for it. In the largest room at the end there was groups everywhere. Girls on girls, couples on couples and people getting into it everywhere.~Making sure all waxing everywhere was perfect I preferred a Brazilian and Peta liked a strip we got dressed and fussed over our makeup and sexy underwear. I fussed a lot more than Peta but most of that was nerves. Coming into the bathroom whilst I was finishing applying my lip-gloss she slid her hand underneath my short skirt and beneath my undies feeling my smooth as velvet pussy. “You look fine and feel amazing let’s go before you lose your nerve.”~I didn’t know whether to expect a real dingy dirty place or what but was pleasantly surprised when we followed the gentleman up the stairs. At the top of the stairs we paid our entry and our host gave us a locker key for us to lock up our belongings in. I was hesitant entering but upon going in the upstairs floor consisted of really tasteful couches, a bar, and a pool table and outside sitting area all in complete privacy. Not sure really where to look as just about everyone was naked apart from robes thrown casually on we headed to the bar for a drink.}

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{Further down there was a group of three girls and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that one of the girls had her hand in the other girl’s pussy. I mean all her fingers and hand and as she fist fucked her I wondered what that felt like. Peta started rubbing my ass from behind and I feel his cock hard against me.~As we headed off at around ten o’clock we arrived at the club and were guided by the host up a flight of stairs and into a bar area. Paying our entry fee we headed to the bar for a quick drink whilst taking everything in. At first I was surprised that couples night existed of hetro couples as well. I wasn’t expecting men around and this surprised me even more and made me wonder what Peta had in mind. Downing two to three drinks in quick succession my nerves subsided and Peta took my hand leading me downstairs to the locker room. Showing me the ropes as we went along I knew Peta was going to show me a lot more to me tonight.~Heading of f to the locker room at the bottom of the stairs we explored the lower level. Around the corner was a huge spa bath than the locker rooms. Heading up a hallway we passed a room where there was sex swings, bondage equipment and four decked out queen size beds. Passing that there was a room of four separate rooms decked out and right at the end was the biggest room I have ever seen in my life with a mattress cut to size to fit, which would seriously fit sixty people. Mirrored walls, lush environment and sensual surroundings made us return to the locker room stripping off to nothing and placing our robes on.}

{Looking into another room was a girl chained to a table. Her boyfriend had enticed another couple to come over. They were all stroking her breasts and fingering her pussy as she lay back in helpless ecstasy. Again I felt hugely turned on started rubbing peta’s cock which was already rock hard. Seeing us watching they invited us into the room and we soon joined in. After kissing the girl on the table I turned and kissed the other girl making me feel hot to trot and I could see Peta staring with lust. I invited him over and he started kissing both of us.~Stripping off down to our sexy underwear we decided not to put the robes on and venture out as is. Heading up a dimly lit hallway we came to a room with bondage equipment everywhere. Heading further up the hallway with more rooms with look through peepholes everywhere including one large room right at the end. Walking along Peta had taken my hand and the lead the way totally unaware of all the people eye ing us off, as we swept past.~Heading off up the hallway I didn’t know what to expect but was sure ready to find out. Heading to the biggest room of all first I was at first shocked but totally into the atmosphere. I watched in awe as one girl lay on her back and five guys surrounded her all pulling themselves off. Her partner held back and rubbed her breasts watching while the first guy slid his cock into her parted legs right up into her pussy. Unable to take my eyes off and feeling hugely turned on I watched intrigued whilst one after the other slid his cock into her and fucked her with her partner watching and pulling off at that same time. Just as she was about to come the last guy pulled out and her partner grabbed her hips and thrust his rock hard cock into her and pushed her into orgasm whiled all the other guys pulled off and came on her stomach.}

{Looking over I could see the girl on the table giving head to the other guy whilst the four of us got it on. Feeling horny her boyfriend went over and fucked her. Just thrusting her enough to tease her he called Peta over and Peta went over and inserted his cock into her and went for it. I felt strange and wasn’t sure how I should feel jealous or aroused but soon forgot about it when the other two guys started stroking and kissing me. The other guy’s girlfriend was lying down on the bed fingering and masturbating whilst watching both acts. Standing close enough to hear Peta’s grunts and the girls moaning you could tell she was highly aroused as she was pulling at the restraints in ecstasy.~Taking me into the large room Peta and I knelt down on the huge bed. Six other couples were already into it over to the left and a group of five were all over each other to the right. I was feeling slightly intimidated as I knew everyone could see us some at the do orway and others looking through the peep holes but this excited me more.~Peta grabbed my hand and we looked into the other four rooms. Two were empty one had two couples in there and the other had six couples all groping each other. Heading towards the hugs spa we dropped our robes and jumped in. Immediately I lined my clit up on one of the jets and felt my clit tingling. In no time at all we were joined by another couple and then three more. All sitting in the spa naked and relaxing with a drink I could feel my arousal heightening. Just watching the other couples starting to get it on and even the other girl’s breasts floating freely into the water I wanted to reach out and touch them.}

{With one guy in front of me and the other behind kissing my neck my breasts, my back and with their hands everywhere I too was lost in the moment. Watching as the girl tied up came, I saw Peta withdraw his hard cock and proceeded to fuck the girl who was now wet and waiting with legs wide apart on the bed. With my insides throbbing out of control I reached down and grabbed the cock in front of me and lined it up with my entrance. He slid his huge cock in my pussy whilst the guy behind me held me up and had his arms around my waist. Feeling turned on and completely at ease I relished in four hands running over me and a cock inside me. Opening my eyes I looked over to Peta who was riding this girl into the mattress turning me on even more.~Lying on my back Peta leaned over me on all fours and started kissing me rubbing her breasts up against mine. Feeling highly aroused I unclasped her bra letting her perky breasts come free and took her erect nipples in my mouth. Sliding her hand down over my hips and removing my g-string she stroked my smooth pussy and fingered my wetness. Her kissing travelled down to my breasts, my belly button ring and then my inner thighs. Parting my legs she hunched down and began darting her tongue in and out of my pussy whilst also circulating it around my swollen clit. I was extremely aroused and lost all inhibitions as waves of euphoria swept over me. Turning around and still on all fours positioning her into a 69er I grabbed hold off her tight ass and licked her from front to back. Darting my tongue into her and tasting how wet she was I could feel her excitement by the way she was rubbing my clit so hard.~Feeling a hand between my legs I realised it was the bloke next to me and spread my legs wider under the water for him to gain all access. As he fingered and flicked my clit I slid my hand over and started pulling his already hard cock. Looking at Peta I was wondering what he was up to und er the water as well. It didn’t take long to figure out as he soon turned the blonde next to him around and pushed her up on her knees against the spa and slid is cock into her from behind.}

{The guy behind me was sliding his hands all over me and his cock was hard against my ass. Bending his knees slightly he lowered himself and slowly and gently entered his rock hard cock into my tight ass. This hurt a tiny bit at first but the sensation of two cocks in me at the same time was mind-blowing. I could feel them both pumping and penetrating me in unison and started the first whimpering sounds of orgasm. The cock in my pussy felt even tighter with the other cock pumping my tight ass. With my legs getting weaker and weaker both guys had their arms around my waist as they pumped me harder and faster and looking up I could see Peta watching already aroused again. Tilting my head back and digging my fingernails into this guys back I came in such a rush I couldn’t breathe. Still pumping away thrusting hard both guys started to come as I could feel their shafts inside me hardening to steel causing more friction then ever and bringing me to my second orgasm.~Enjoying the feeling and going with the flow I knew I wasn’t far from coming. Just knowing there were people watching and hearing all the people fucking around me was enough to turn me on. Suddenly Peta stopped kissing me and started vigorously rubbing my clit. Enjoying the ecstasy I looked up and was surprised to see Peta kissing a man. Slightly confused but also extremely turned on I continued to watch whilst escalating. Looking down I realised it wasn’t Peta rubbing me into orgasm it was him rubbing me there and he was kissing Peta too and seeing his hard cock even me even hornier. Taking everything in and relishing the moment I leaned back and enjoyed the ride. Looking around everyone was watching and going for it. Peta still on all fours had stopped kissing this guy and now had his cock in her mouth. Looking down at me whilst sucking him off I was beside myself with eroticism. Still keeping eye contact with me Peta took his cock out of her mouth a nd guided it down to my pussy. Holding my gaze she fingered m e and then fed his cock into my pussy. The intensity of the moment and feeling a real cock after such a long time sent electricity through my body. His cock was so hard and going in deeper and deeper penetrating right through me.~Tightening my grip on this guys cock I went harder and faster at the same and glanced at his girlfriend beside him. She was smiling at me as if saying its ok. Suddenly her boyfriend lifted me onto him so I was straddling him and started kissing me. His girlfriend started kissing my breasts at the same time and reached down into the water and guided his cock into my pussy. Clutching onto his broad shoulders I starting riding him while he sat there using my feet against the spa wall for power. His girl field stood behind me and started kissing my ear and neck while rubbing and pinching my nipples. Having sex with a couple was such an intense feeling and I was so turned on by her kisses and his thrust and the bubbles in the water I was in no ti me climaxing. Standing up with his cock still in me I lay back in the water while she held me under my arms and kept me afloat while he pushed and pumped his cock with such ferocity that I came in no time at all.}

{Upon withdrawing I went over to the bed and straddled the girl and started kissing her. Peta no longer able to control himself got me on all fours on top of her and starting fucking me doggy style in front of everyone whilst I sucked her breast. This was going to be one long erotic night I was never going to forget.~With Peta’s pussy still above me I started sucking her out intensely clutching her ass hard. Arching her back above me and kissing this guy who was fucking me into kingdom come another guy came over and positioned himself behind her. As I lowered my head and lay right back I watched while he pushed his huge hard cock into her open wet pussy. Peta gasped in pleasure and started bucking back at him. I reached my tongue up and started licking his balls whilst he fucked my girlfriend and held onto his thighs, as I was being pumped and pumped harder and faster than ever before. Peta’s perky boobs jumped overtime as she bucked back hard on his th rusting shaft sliding in and out of her while I reached up and rubbed her clit at the same time.As I groaned in my onrushing orgasm I set Peta off and grabbed her toned abs as she rocked and jutted her pelvis in her own throws of orgasm. Everyone came all in the one moment and as the guys withdrew Peta and I collapsed into each other’s arms trying to regain our breath. The guys who we didn’t even know their names went back with their girlfriends who had been in the group session of five. Looking around and seeing the massive room packed out even more I relished the thought of free loving and as peta straddled up on me and rubbed her wet clit on mine she whispered I my ear “so what do your think” and I replied “this is going to one long night” and with that she started gyrating on top off me and we were off again.~Relaxing and catching my breath still being supported in the water by his girlfriend I could hear her moans of ecstasy. I pulled myself up still st raddled on her man and turned around to see Peta pumping her f rom behind rocking her body. The whole time he was looking at me and fucking her so I stood up and started kissing her and Peta until both of them orgasmed into the water. Afterwards all sitting in the spa Peta whispered in my ear that the sight of me being fucked by this couple had turned him on so much he was immediately rock hard and couldn’t help but join in. What do you want to do next he inquired and grabbing his cock I replied anything and anyone anywhereWe were in for one huge party tonight.}

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