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Dinner With My Lovers Boss And My Panty Quakers

{As we were ending the week and going out to dinner with Terri’s Boss and his wife I was not looking forward to the boring outing.~Terri and I had been lovers now for six years and proud to be lesbians. Terri was a very fit size twelve and I was a petite size 8. Upon agreeing to go to her bosses house for dinner where we loathed going but had to to be polite we decided to heat the evening up. Terri and I headed down to the local adult store to see what we could occupy the boring dinner event coming up with.~Terri and I had been going out for over three years now, and every year Terri’s boss held a dinner with his star employees. Terri being a hard worker was always invited to these dinners which he thoroughly enjoyed and which I found so boring}

{To spice things up a bit I mentioned to Terri that I would like to do something outrageous. Trekking down to the local discount sex toy shop and looking around at all the different merchandise I decided on a pair of Panty Quakers. Leather look a like undies that held a mini vibrator in a pouch down below~Deciding on a pair of vibrating undies from the discount sex toy shop, which was the last, they had in stock and only a size twelve we purchased them for Terri to wear. When we returned home and got ready to go out for our occasion we played with Terri’s new panties. As she put the smooth sexy panties on I kissed her breasts as I reached down and felt the panties on her. I felt the panties vibrating right on her clit and rubbed her panties while her nipples remained erect. If we weren’t running so late we would have been on then and there.~This year’s dinner no doubt would be exactly the same so I decided to spice things up a little bit. After going to the discount sex toy shop (without Terri’s knowledge) I purchased my first pair of vibrating knickers.}

{I had never tried this sort of thing before and paraded around in front of Terri before leaving for the restaraunt to make sure he couldn’t hear of see anything under my sexy dress. Ensuring me it was all-good we set off for dinner.~Not to be outdone and always being the slightly dominate one in our relationship Terri pulled out another package. Unwrapping it I found a shiny pink egg with a remote control. Terri smiling with that wild glint in her eye sat me down and lifted up my dress spreading my legs. As I never wear any knickers she was able to insert the egg easily into my already wet pussy. As the egg was wireless you couldn’t tell at all it was in there but I could feel it.~As we got dressed for the special dinner I closed the bathroom door and opened my new knickers. They were sexy and had a leather look to them. There was a cute mini vibrator that fit snugly into a pouch sewn into the panties. Organising my little pouch and slipping the undi es on I found they were extremely comfortable and I could feel the mini vibrator situated right on my hot spot.}

{Driving to our venue I lifted my dress and turned my panties on just testing them. Terri could hardly concentrate on the driving and told me to stop playing with them or he would have to walk into the restaraunt with a hard on. "Just testing them" I teased and could see he was already growing hard in his pants.~Grabbing the remote Terri turned on the egg and instantly I felt the vibrations coming through and then she intensified the multi speed and the egg sent shuddering waves through me. Smiling and rubbing my pussy she kissed me and turned the remote off popping it in her handbag. We were all ready for dinner with a touch of arousal. Terri with her vibrating knickers and me with no knickers but an egg nestled inside me this was going to be one very erotic night.~Testing the vibrator to ensure it worked I was thrilled as it purred into action and turned it up experiencing it’s high intensity. Slipping on my sexy black dress I examine the mirror and you couldn’t even tell I was wearing knickers. I had a practise in the bathroom walking around to see how it would feel and checking myself in the mirror but you couldn’t see or hear anything.}

{Terri was intrigued and I was actually excited to be wearing these panties out in public especially with his straight-laced boss and wife. Entering the restaurant we were seated and ordered dinner. Moving onto my second glass of wine I excused myself and went to the Ladies Room. Reaching down I turned on my mini vibrator and instantly felt my panties snugly vibrating on my hot spot.~Arriving at Terri’s bosses house right on time we were greeted and exchanged pleasantries. Sitting down we were served drinks and proceeded into an idle conversation with the very boring couple. Upon our second drink Terri excused herself to the toilet and returned with a cheeky smile on her face. I knew what she was up to and had turned on her panties already. I was tingling with anticipation as to when she would start up my egg with the remote control. It made it all that more exciting that she had control over it and I was at her mercy.~Feeling very smug with myself I tur ned off my vibrating knickers and checked my makeup and I was off. Grinning like a Cheshire cat I jumped in the car with Terri and off we went to his Boss’s house (this was not going to be any boring dinner)}

{Returning to the table and sending a sly smile to Terri I sat down grinning like a chesire cat. Feeling the awesome waves of pleasure rising through my body I enjoyed sipping on my wine and nodding in agreement with the conversation. Dinner was served and as the conversation increased so did my desire. I was so incredibly turned on and Terri kept glancing my way.~As dinner was approaching I offered to help out in the kitchen. Whilst giving a helping hand and chatting away with Mrs Boss I almost hiccupped when all of a sudden my egg started up slowly but surely and so unexpectedly. Carrying out the dishes we joined Terri and her Boss at the dinner table. Sitting down I eyed Terri who carried on her conversation as if nothing had happened. As we all joined hands and Terri’s boss said grace Terri winked at me and I tried to suppress a giggle thinking if only they knew what vibrations were happening under their dinner table they would be horrified.~Walking up the stairs and being welcomed into Terri’ bosses house with hosts (Todd and Kim) I felt a surge of excitement. Usually I get stuck with Kim while Todd and Terri talk business, which is dull, and boring but tonight I would have my very own entertainment. Graciously accepting a glass of wine I joined Todd on the lounge and exchanged pleasantries with Terry and Kim. Only five minutes into the conversation and I’m bored already. Slowly finishing my wine I set my glass down and headed for the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom I turned my knickers on low and headed back to the couch.}

{Our little secret was making it all that more exciting. Tingling with pleasure I crossed my legs as they were starting to shake. Doing this intensified the hot spot even more and I quickly uncrossed them as I thought I was going to come then and there.~As we ate dinner and we hummed along with our pleasant waves of euphoria we smiled and chatted with our delighted hosts. Pretending to check her mobile phone in her handbag cheeky Terri turned up the multi speed on my remote at the same time. The only reason I knew that was because my egg was now pulsating at an even higher rate almost making me feel uncomfortable but unbearable horny. Trying to keep my composure I caught her glance and could see that horny glint in her eyes already. Finishing off desert and just keeping myself at bay Terri again turned up the multi function on the remote whilst pretending to look for her lipstick in her handbag~After another glass of wine dinner was served and we sat at the dinner table. At this point in time my panties were arousing me and I was pleased while nodding and agreeing with Kyms boring conversation, little did she know I was pulsating down below in waves.}

{No longer able to control my heightened sense of arousal I excused myself to the bathroom. Terri looking at me intently excused himself as well and I proceeded into the ladies and he followed me in. Grabbing his hand I pulled him into a cubicle before anyone saw him and unbuckled his pants. I was red hot and ready to go and Terri was cock was hard as. Slipping my dress up over my hips and bending over I slipped my panties to the side so he could enter me. His quick entry and the added effect of the vibe on my clit along with my heightened sense of arousal made me come straight away in a huge wave of thunder. Terri couldn’t control himself as this pushed him straight over the edge and after three to four quick hard thrusts he too was in the throws of orgasm.~At this point I could no longer contain myself and excused myself to the bathroom. I heard Terri excusing herself as well to re touch her lipstick. Once in the bathroom she locked the door and pushe d me up against the wall. Already on the brink of orgasm Terri lifted up my dress and started rubbing my already moist clit. With her holding my ass against her I could also feel the tingling vibrations coming from her undies. Her breathing was heavy and she started kissing my neck. Bracing myself on the wall I as my knees were so weak I started the murmurs of orgasm. Trying to be quiet whilst at the same time in throws of ecstasy was not easy. As her grip tightened and the hard and quick way she rubbed my wet clit, with the egg inside me shaking me inside out and with the hum of her undies on my ass I held my breath so not to scream as the hugest orgasm I ever had took over my body sweeping through me. Ever so hot and heavy I turned around and seeing Terri on the brink I slid my hand under her undies and finger fucked her, kissing her all over until she too was in the throws of orgasm coming violently but silently.~As dessert was served I was almost shaking with the intensity. Smiling and nodding my head in agreement with the conversation I could hardly contain myself. Finishing my dessert and placing my spoon down I excused myself to go the bathroom.}

{Checking it was all clear I snuck Terri out of the loo’s first and he returned to the table and I followed him a few seconds later. Sitting down and feeling sensational we resumed dinner with our guests and exchanged sly smug smiles between ourselves. This was one dinner neither of us would forget.~Returning to our hosts we sat down relaxed and glowing. Just as they were serving coffee I felt my egg beginning to pulsate again this was going to be one long night.~Walking away graciously until I reached the bathroom I quickly entered and locked the door behind me. I was in such a highly-strung frenzy state of hormones that I slipped my hand into my knickers and rubbed my swollen pumping clit. Sitting on the toilet with one hand I pushed the vibe back onto my hot spot with the output giving me a higher intensity. Trying to be quiet and control my breathing I could hold back no longer and peaked to a maximum orgasm. Regaining my composure I fixed my make up in the mirror and with a glowing face and big smile joined the dinner table feeling very triumphant.}

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