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How My Life Changed When I Enlarged My Penis

{I was one of those guys who have an eternal phobia of stripping in public. I avoided swimming pools, I did not share gym showers with the other guys and it was a cause of alarm for me when the med exams were conducted in school or later in college. Well, my fears weren’t justified. At 5.5 inches, I had a penis so small that it would bring more ridicule and mockery than anything else.~A few months back, I was this eternally shy guy who had a paranoia of getting naked in front of someone. I disdained all gyms and pools where I had to strip. The mere mention of a medical test could give me the heebie-jeebies. And why? The reason was a ‘small’ problem. With just 5-1/2 inches in the place where it mattered the most, I was sure I would be laughed at more and nothing else.~Until recently, I was this very unconfident, scared little wretch who had a great fear of shedding his clothes in public. Places like gym showers and swimming pools were places that I dreaded, and when they would announce a medical examination anywhere, I would almost hyperventilate. It was just me probably, but with just a 5 and a half inch penis, I was probably justified in having all these fears.}

{So, there I was, looking down all the time because of the huge inferiority complex I harbored. I knew that a man is not a man if he doesn’t have a big enough penis. Still, life went on normally. Well, almost normally, because one summer I met this lovely girl who I immediately fell in love with.~I had a big complex about myself back then. Everyone around was telling how a man’s manliness is judged by the size of his penis. So, wasn’t I man enough? Still, I would have lived with it if it wasn’t this cutest, most exciting female who came into my life.~I thought I was the lowliest person on earth. I had read so much about a man’s worth being equal to his size that it was completely ingrained in me now. I thought I was an incomplete man, if at all, and that was when something great happened. I fell in love with an angel.}

{The chemistry was intense and she reciprocated too. But, when it came to take things to another level, I was terribly worried.~It was great being with her, but the day she wanted to go a step further, I became very intensely nervous.~I loved every moment with her. But every time I met her, I would dread as to whether she would want to take things ahead.}

{The Big Change~Change Happens~Looking for Change}

{I didn’t want to lose the girl and there was only one thing I could do to prevent that from happening. It was to get my penis enlarged and fast. I had read about a lot of penis enlargement products earlier. I wanted to try it out now.~I was sure I didn’t want to lose her for anything. And then I thought about the solution. It was the only way to be happy for ever. I wanted something that could enlarge my member. There was such a lot of mention about penis enlargement products everywhere that I immediately began seeing hope.~I was so deeply in love with her that I feared losing her every minute. I knew I had to do something to ensure I had her for keeps. There was only one thing to do—to go for penis enlargement. And then I saw there was information about it everywhere. I immediately realized that things were possible.}

{I did a bit of research and then I stumbled upon some penis enlargement pills that had some great reviews. I knew these were the pills for me. I immediately started out with them. They came by a discreet parcel so that no one would know what I ordered. So far so good~I snooped around a bit and then I found great reviews about these penis enlargement pills on several site. These pills seemed to be the right solution and they weren’t expensive either. I immediately placed an order. They came in a very innocent envelope. I liked that.~After looking at a few things, I realized that there are some great products. I found some amazing penis enlargement pills that everyone was talking about. Then and there, I decided to use them. I ordered them and they came, covered in a totally innocuous envelope.}

{I used the product right away. These were penis enlargement pills, which meant I could be as secretive about them as I wanted to. Even as I was dating this lovely damsel, I was on the pills and she never once came to know about it.~I didn’t waste any time starting on the product. These penis enlargement pills could be anyway taken in any way that I liked, without anybody knowing. I was going out with this irresistible female and was on this supplementation and she never once guessed it~There was no time to waste. I immediately began using the product. What I really liked about these penis enlargement pills was that I could take them as secretly as I liked. In fact, even the girl I was dating never got a whiff of the fact that I was using them.}

{The Big Day~The Day Arrives~The Moment}

{It was three weeks into our affair that we had sex. But I wasn’t worried anymore at all. I was actually looking forward to it and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. What’s more is that I could make her enjoy it at all.~A few weeks after our relationship began, we decided to take the plunge. And I wasn’t scared now. Instead of the torment that it was earlier, sex turned out to be a pleasure for me. I was actually happy to show her my package. I could tell she was having fun.~After a few weeks of going out together, things suddenly began to happen one day. She made the first move. Typically I should have been scared but I wasn’t. I was now confident of what I was packing inside. I showed my stuff to her. I was beside myself with joy when she loved what she saw}

{Know what changed everything? It was those penis enlargement pills. Those darned good pills increased my little dick to a beautiful monster of 7 inches when erect, in less than a month. But more than the physical size, it was the mental peace and confidence it gave me.~Those penis enlargement pills changed my life, if no one else’s. I have a whole 7 inches of meat there and I am very satisfied. Along with the physical change, I know I have become a more confident person as well.~My life became much improved after these penis enlargement pills. I have grown to over 7 inches and I am sure there is more to go. I am not the shy, docile boy any more… I know that if you want change to happen, you should really pursue it.}

{My life is changed now—for the better.~The change has occurred in my life. I am now an improved man~Even I have changed in many ways… I am a bigger and better person now.}

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