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I Should Thank My EX For Telling Her Friends About My Huge Penis

{When I was much younger, I really fancied this older woman, she was about 11 years older than me and an artist. I have to admit I pursued her, but man was she a piece of work, but when I think about it today I really should thank this ex for telling her friends and whoever else would listen about my huge penis.~I still like women who are older than me, even though I am now older and when I was you, I had a problem with this, they weren’t really interested in me. But one I got to know in the biblical sense really ended up hurting me, she was an artist, her name was Veronique. But one thing I do have to thank her for is letting everyone know what a huge penis I have.~Older woman syndrome has always been a problem with me, now that I am older I have not problem pulling them, but when I was younger it was harder to get my fantasies right. There was one in particular, an artist and it her I have to thank for making sure her friends knew all about my huge penis.}

{It all started when we met in a Rockey Street bar, I was young and dumb as well as a bit “big city” struck. I met Veronique, and was immediately taken by this artist, we started going around a bit together and I really found myself wanting to get into her pants.~At the time I may have been young and dumb but I had the right equipment, and was a bit bright lights and big city struck when I met Veronique. She struck a chord in me immediately and I inveigled myself into this artist bevy of followers.~When Veronique and I met, I was rather naïve, I though it would be cool to have an artist girlfriend who was older than me, but she kept me at arms length, only allowing me to be one of the many sycophants in her entourage.}

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{After one of her locally held art shows, we all went back to her apartment, she had a whole cortege of followers, including me. We bought some jugs of wine and I had a local dope merchant get me some good Durban Poison.~One day after one of her strange art exhibitions, we all went to her apartment, the entire entourage. We stopped for jugs of wine and I bought Durban Poison from my local dope dealer.~One afternoon we all got drunk and stoned at her place after traipsing behind her to one of her arb art exhibits. We were all drinking red wine by the jug-full and smoking some great weed I had got my hands on.}

{Eventually we were all half drunk and half stoned and people began to wander off, leaving me alone with Veronique. This time she was open to my sexual advances. She was forbidden fruit too, because this was in South Africa during the apartheid era; I was white, she was colored.~As soon as we were all half pissed and stoned, people started leaving and eventually I found myself alone with my fantasy woman. By then she had lost her “older woman” inhibitions and allowed me to approach her in a sexual way, she was forbidden, being of color and me being white in an apartheid South Africa.~As they got more drunk and stoned, people started trickling out and I soon had Veronique all to myself. We had lost all inhibitions and she was soon kissing me; I was only too happy to return the kisses of this forbidden fruit and before long we decided to get in the bath together.}

{We got into the bath together and started fucking underwater, but when we were halfway through, she decided to stop and take some photos. Admiring my big hard cock I didn’t mind, but taking photos of it, I didn’t know.~She ran a bath, lit candles and we got into the deep warm water and started fucking. Just as I was getting going, she topped me, telling me she wanted “artistic” photos, of me with my big beautiful cock, I was unsure, but relented.~We lit candles, poured in the bubble bath and began fucking in the bath, but on what seemed like a whim she decided she wanted to take photos of my huge hard on. I wasn’t keen, but she promised they would be kept private and be artistic so I relented.}

{Eventually I relented and actually quite enjoyed her snapping away at me posing in the bath, cock exposed for all the world to see. It really turned me on and when she put her down camera I fucked her so hard and fast that I came in seconds.~Posing me how she wanted, she got the shots she needed and it actually turned me on, she assured me they would be private. By the time she returned to our fucking session I was rock hard and I just fucked her hard and selfishly, cumming like a young boy.~Posing me and my big beautiful cock how she wanted was actually a big turn on and I wanted to fuck her hard more than ever by then. When she came back to the bath and we started fucking again, I was so excited a just couldn’t make it last and I shot my load hot and hard into her.}

{Next day came, and the next and Veronique did not want to see me again, I couldn’t get through to her that I wanted to see her again. She just hid behind her wolf pack and refused to see me. Feeling shunned and lost, I moped around for a few weeks, getting stoned and not doing much else. Then deciding to stop moping I went back to one of my favorite bars. The fact that it was the bar where I met Veronique was beside the point by then.~The next day she refused to see and this continued for weeks while I moped around. She hid behind her cortege of sycophants, and I felt hurt, shunned and confused, I consoled myself with misery and drugs. But eventually I snapped out of it and decided to get out and about again, returning to my favorite bar. The fact that I had met my Veronique there may have been the reason why, it was her favorite place too.~Wanting to see her again the next day, I was really hurt, she refused. She got her entourage to fob me off and tell me sh e didn’t want to see me again. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. It took me weeks of moping to get over this, but eventually I came to my senses and got on with living, the first stop being my favorite bar, where I also had met Veronique.}

{I walked in and walked up to the bar, Shirley, the barmaid grinned at me, and said “I had no idea that you had such a big cock?”, “what the fuck are you talking about?” I responded. She tilted her head to the side and moved her eyes left to indicate I should look that way. I did, and there I was, a blown up, framed photo on the wall of the bar, as large as life in the bathtub.~When I went up to the bar to order a drink, the resident barmaid, Shirley gave me a sly smile; shook her head at me and said “what a pretty cock you’ve got”. Wondering what was going on. She looked left and I followed her eyes, there was a huge blown up photo of me, naked and rock hard cock in close up detail hanging on the wall.~Sauntering up to the bar, I placed my order with Shirley, the resident barmaid. She winked at me when she gave me my drink and said, “it’s on the house, I’m buying, because you have got such a nice cock”. “What” I replied, “look” she said pointing to the wall on my left. There I was, as large as life and as naked as the day I was born, only with a massive hard on.}

{That bitch had sold me for money, and it had been there for 3 weeks while I had been moping over her. But I suppose I have her to thank, because I was never short of dates after that, and I never had to pay the bill.~That little bitch has sold me down the line and apparently the bar paid good money for a photo which had been hanging there for three weeks while I was in hiding. When I got over the initial shock and betrayal, I realized I had her to thank for all the attention I was getting from the local girls.~“That bloody bitch”, she sold a blown up pic of our private photo session to the bar owner and it had been hanging there for three weeks, while I was being miserable. No wonder she didn’t want to see me again. After the initial shock, it all worked out really well, I had a bevy of girls to date who only wanted to fuck, and hardly ever had to buy my own drinks again in that bar. I suppose I should thank her}

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