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I Was Working As A Cook On A fishing Trawler Got Fucked Stupid By The Crew

{I have always been a bit stupid, my mother would regularly tell me, "don't be stupid". But I never thought about this so much as when I was working on a fishing trawler and got fucked stupid by the crew!~My mother always said that I was never blessed with enough intelligence and her comments came back to haunt me after I got fucked stupid by the crew, when I was working as a cook in a fishing trawler.~When I worked as a cook on a fishing trawler I got fucked stupid by the crew, and I learned a very important lesson, as did they - never fuck with the cook. I have always been a bit naive, my mother called it "stupid", but I am not so sure.}

{What a story, there I was, fresh out of cookery school and struggling to get a job. I thought why not use my cooking skills to see the world? Being a bit buch I thought it would be fun to work in the merchant marine, a private yacht or if desperate, a fishing trawler.~Looking for work, fresh out of cookery school I was struggling, so thinking about it, I reasoned that I might find work on one of the many fishing trawlers which came and went from out harbor. Use my skill to get some experience so to speak, why I never though of a cruise liner, I don't know.~I was fresh out of cooking school and looking for work. For some inane reason I wanted to be a ships cook and thought the easiest place to start would be a fishing trawler. The idea was to build up a reputation and a CV and as fishing trawlers don't have guests or a huge staff, I rationalized it would be best.}

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{After responding to ads, eventually in desperation I started trawling the harbor, asking around if anyone was looking for a cook. Popping into a pub, I found what I was seeking, the crew of a trawler.~I thought that if I went into one of the many harbor pubs, I might be able to find a trawler who was looking for a cook, so I went out trawling too. It didn't take long for me to find a crew.~Thinking I would find work if I went to the harbor, I located a pub that didn't look too dodgy and walked right in. A group of about eight sailors look as though they were from the same crew, so I approached them.}

{They were a bit rough, but not as bad as I had expected and engaging them in conversation was easy, I am a good looking girl. I managed to get the name of the boat and the name of the captain.~It was easy to see they were from the same boat and getting information out of them was easy too. They said the Captain might be looking and willingly gave me his name and the name of the trawler.~After a bit of a chat, I managed to determine they didn't have a cook to sail out with, he had come down with a particularly virulent does of the clap after a stopover in Hobart. They gave me the Captains, name and the name of the boat.}

{Eventually I got to see the Captain and he was happy enough to hire me, we were shipping out at 6am sharp and he told me to be on board, they would be out at sea for 6 weeks.~I met with him and he gave me the job, simple as that, but I didn't have much time to prepare and was expected to be on-board ready to leave dock by 6am. We were going out for six weeks.~It didn't take me long to convince the Captain that I was exactly what he was after, and after settling on pay and other important matters, I was told to report for duty at 5am, we were sailing out at 6, for 6 weeks at sea.}

{Reporting to duty and taken to the galley the next morning, I was expected to get breakfast ready for a crew of 12, and all went well. That evening was another story, 6 of the crew came and cornered me in the Galley.~I reported for duty, got breakfast for the crew ready and was beginning to find my sea legs too, now that we had left the harbor. Everything was going cool until that evening when a half dozen of the more-rough looking crew came to my galley and cornered me.~Good kid that I am I managed to get there on time and the first day went well, I was finding my sea legs after leaving the shelter of the harbor and they seemed happy enough with the meals I prepared. Everything was going well, or so I thought!}

{They said I was to be initiated. Thinking they were going to keelhaul me or something equally stupid, I tried to charm them, only to find they had planned to fuck me stupid as part of their stupid initiation.~The plan was to apparently initiate me, but how, I was to find out to my dismay, was by them all gang banging me and not leaving me till I had been fucked stupid. OMG, what a stupid idiot I was, my mother was right!~As I tidied away after dinner, a few of the crew came into the galley, laugh and joking with me and talking about "initiation". What was this I asked and was told they were going to fuck me stupid. "What if I was a man?" They said it would make no difference. Oh…oh!}

{Making a grab for me they got me pinned down and screaming at them to let go, just made one of them shut the galley door. They just pinned me down and one after the other, they took out their smelly cocks and fucked me. Till one bright spark had the bright idea that he wanted to stick his cock in my mouth.~They grabbed me and I started to struggle and scream, but one of them just closed the door of my galley. They stripped me, as I stood and turned me around to start fucking me from the back.~Then they grabbed me and I screamed and struggled to no avail, the galley door was closed. They quickly stripped me and turned me over the food preparation table to fuck me from the back.}

{I bit down hard, and that was it, the party broke up. This time he was screaming, and the rest of them jumped away from me as though electrocuted. This seemed to have the desired affect, and they had to call the medic for the sailor.~One idiot decided he wanted to stick his cock in my mouth while another was fucking me from the back, I thought "now whose the idiot?" Thank goodness I could still think, because as he stuck his meat injection in my mouth I bit down as hard as I could.~Then one bright spark decided to fuck me in the mouth while sailor number two did me from the back. Not a good idea, by now I was getting pissed off and scared, so when he put his cock in my mouth, I clamped down as hard as I could.}

{It seems I nearly severed his manhood, and he got a nasty infection too. They left me alone after that, it might have had something to do with the bite, but a few of them got sick too - they had to eat my cooking remember - I think I made my point!~His screams broke up the party as if they had all been electrocuted and this time they were heard. The first mate came down and guessing what had happened, had to talk me out of releasing my jaw which were locked tight. He got a bad infection, and the others soon learned their lesson too, the strange incidences of only them coming down with chronic diarrhea gave them food for thought.~This time the screams were heard by other crew members and they weren't mine! I refused to let go in fear of retaliation, and only at the Captain reassurance would I let go. He was pretty badly mangled, and the medic had to stitch him up. The rest of them I got back by making sure they suffered from regular bouts of diarrhea during our v! oyage, and I think they learned, never to fuck with the cook!}

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