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I Was At A Business Lunch When The Bosses Secretary Saw My Bulge

{I had only been working for the new accounting firm for a couple of weeks when the boss wanted me to go out on a business lunch with a group of prospective new clients. I had now idea his secretary was going to be there, but the couple of times I had seen her in his office, see was giving me the eye.~When I joined the new accounting firm, this was my dream job, marketing with a view to new business development. It would get me off the adding machine and out into the field. The bosses secretary was a bold bitch and was giving my bulge the eye the few times I had the pleasure of meeting her, she called me, telling me the boss wanted me at a business lunch.~Starting at a new accounting firm in my dream job was intimidating enough, but when I saw the bosses secretary eyeing my huge package, I began to get nervous. What I wanted was to do my job - promoting a boring accounting firm, and I didn't need distractions. She called me over and gave me the details of a lunch! the boss wanted me to attend.}

{She was pretty cool and it was good for my ego to receive admiring looks, but no way was I going to mix work with pleasure, I had been burned before. But I knew she has seen my big bulge and was interested to find out more about it.~I knew she was trouble, but couldn't helped being flattered by her good looks and attention. I made a vow, there and then, not to get involved. Business and pleasure does not mix and shitting on your bosses doorstep makes no sense at all.~I could see from that moment she was trouble, and I wouldn't have been a bit surprised to find out she was fucking the boss. While it was flattering that my cock was receiving attention from this bold, blond beauty, it made no sense to get involved with her.}

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{I arrived at the lunch only to find that our guests hadn't arrived and it was just the boss and his blond, bosomy secretary. She gave me the look again, and I thought to myself, "this hell-cat is not going to be easy to say no to"!~The lunch guests had not arrived when I arrived, and my boss was there with his secretary. I though to myself, this looks like trouble! She was giving me that same look as before and I knew I would have to say no.~When I arrive at the restaurant, I was surprised to see his secretary with him and no guests, and couldn't help thinking trouble was afoot. She was giving me "that" look again and I thought " comes trouble"}

{Calmly we greeted each other and I took a seat opposite them, she calmly smiled and stuck her foot into my crotch under the table. Gently kneading and massaging my balls. It didn't take long for Sgt. Pepper to stand to attention and I kept fidgeting to try and stay out of her reach.~I took the seat opposite and she smiled her greeting. I started discussing the new clients with the boss and she reached under the table with her foot and started rubbing it up and down my crotch, I nearly jumped out of my seat and soon had a hard-on.~I sat myself down opposite her and she flashed a greeting smile across the table. The boss immediately delved into what he wanted with these new clients. But I was already distracted as she had her leg stretched out under the table and her foot in my crotch.}

{Just when I realized I was going to have to push my chair back, right out of her reach, our prospective clients started arriving. The boss was already giving me strange looks for fidgeting.~Trying not to fidget, I was getting some strange looks from my boss, and just as I was about to move seats, the guest arrived. I was stuck, there was no way I could move now!~It was impossible not to fidget, and I quickly got a hard-on. Every time I tried to wriggle away from her probing foot, she grinned and he looked at me very strangely. My conversation was stilted, to say the least.}

{Fortunately this was a good restaurant and the waiter had placed a linen napkin across my lap when I arrive, because I had to hang onto this to stand up and shake hands with our guests.~Thank heavens this was one of those restaurants where waiter lays the napkin across your lap on arrival. Because I had to hold onto this as camouflage when I stood up to greet our guests!~Just as I had decided to pull may chair away from the table completely our gusts arrived, I had to leave the napkin in my lap, while I stood up to shake hands. I could only thank God that this was a classy restaurant which used large linen napkins.}

{She was smiling uncontrollably, the guest just though they were the object of her bold smile in greeting. Meanwhile I had to look as relaxed as possible while standing, shaking hands and still holding the napkin in my lap as calmly as possible.~Seeing me juggling the napkin and trying vainly to disguise my problem, and shake hands at the same time, made for a strange scenario and she was smiling widely, you could see she was laughing at my tension and discomfort.~Trying to camouflage my hard-on with the napkin and remain calm to greet our guests was no easy feat. She obviously thought it was very funny, because I could see her grinning like a Cheshire cat and there was no other reason for this.}

{As the lunch progressed, she kept stretching her foot under the table and touching me, it was one of the most uncomfortable lunches I had ever had. But she also made me mad, so I resolved there and then that was the closest this bitch was ever going to get to my bulge and I would never let her have it.~As the lunch went on, so she kept trying to sneak her foot into my lap and I had to keep pushing it down, while pretending nothing was going on. This was a horrible distraction from the business being discussed and eventually I was really pissed off, while she still found it funny~Although the business was good and the lunch went off relatively well, I was extremely uncomfortable with the thought of her foot reaching up into my lap, which she continued to do, every time I thought she had decided to let me off the hook. Ultimately I just got really angry, while she thought she was cute.}

{I got her back at the next conference when she though she had be cornered on the dance floor and wanted me to share her bed that night. I made sure she was hot and heavy and thought she was going to finally get her hands on it, then I leaned over and whispered in her ear" I wouldn't fuck you, if you were the last woman left on earth; not even with someone else's cock!" it was a very satisfying moment for me. I never mix business with pleasure!~I made up my mind then and there that this woman would never get near my bulge again. We went a way on a company team building weekend and she made it plain she wanted me. So I played with her too and when she was really wound up and asked me back to her room, I looked her in the eye, and said. "I wouldn't fuck you - not even with someone else's cock", and smiled too, her response was very satisfactory, and I didn't mix business with pleasure.~This woman was a bitch I decided, and there was no way she was ever going to get! near my bulge again, let alone see it. At the team building weekend I really played her. She was coming on to me, so I got her worked up, she asked me to her room, so I went. When she invited me in, I pinned her up against the wall, stuck my hand up her dress and into her wet crotch and smiling while I whispered gently into her ear. "If you were the last woman left living on this planet, I wouldn't fuck you". I don't mix business with pleasure!}

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