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My First Experience on a Sex Swing Had Me Giggling Like a Schoolgirl

{Who would have ever thought that we would have to set up a swing to have sex. And although an adults swing is not an absolute necessity for everyone's sex life, it is certainly a very welcome addition.~An adult swing, or sex swing if you like, is fantastic fun, remember that sex is the way adults' play, so why not add a swing into the mix. It is definitely not a necessity, but if you have a bad back, this could make all the difference in the world to your sex life, and you may find that you didn't know how you ever lived without it.~Sex is the way we adults play and it can be even more fun with an accessory like and adult swing. It is perfect for adding some excitement to your sex play and believe it or not, if you have a bad back, the swing is one of the least painful ways to have sex.}

{My first experience on a sex swing came about when I was writing reviews on sex toys. As I have always been gymnastic in nature, I thought it would be a fun addition to our box full of toys - so I showed him and he agreed.~My first adult swing experience saw a revolution come about in my sex life. I found out about these toys, when I was writing reviews of sex toys strangely enough, and when I showed my B/F, he agreed we should get one.~When I got one of these adult swings it revolutionized my sex life - I happened to find out about the swing when researching for sex toy reviews. I couldn't believe it and showed the research to my boyfriend who was fully in agreement we should purchase one.}

{It makes life so much easier getting into more difficult positions, and no - you don't need to be an athlete to use it. Once you are up there and relaxing, you can get pretty wild and this gizmo is brilliant for people with back pain.~I have already got a box full of toys and we like sex, but we are getting a bit older now and there is nothing quite as horrible as having your hip go into spasm, or your leg cramp while in the throes of passion. The adult swing helps avoid these difficult and often embarrassing situations from arising as we have found out to our abject pleasure.~I already have quite a collection of sex toys, so this adult swing was a very welcome addition. I am knocking on now and anything to make sex easier and more pleasurable is a blessing. It is awful to by lying on your back and caught up in the throes of passion when your hip locks or you get a cramp in your leg.}

{It has been featured on some late night shows and was even made the subject of a Sex in the City episode. Perhaps they should have renamed the episode "sex in the swing?"~A couple of late night shows have featured the adult swing, or sex swing and it was even made the highlight of one episode of Sex in the City.~The adult swing has been features as a very amusing anecdote in an episode of Sex in the City as well as on a number of late night TV "adult" shows.}

{The adult swing installs easily in a doorway and when I received my I couldn't wait to get it hung. I am not terribly mechanically minded, but I seemed to be able to be mine securely hung and was happy to see it came assembled.~To include a little hype here, installation is quick and easy and you simply hang it onto a door frame. I managed to get mine installed and swung on it a few time to see if it would hold, fortunately for me it did, or I might be in bed with a bad back right now.~Just in case you believe this may be a problem, installation of the adult is really simple and it arrives pre-assembled. Remember when the kids were little and they had those jumping things on springs. It fits like that into the doorway, only manufactured for adult use of course.}

{I love having sex, but it is such an adult thing to do and my first experience in the adult swing had me giggling like a schoolgirl. I felt doubly exposed with my feet in the stirrups, and we decided to throw away the instruction manual as it made things a bit too clinical.~Sex is great fun and I enjoy it immensely, it is also very adult and sometimes taken a little more seriously than it should be. If you want a giggle, you will certainly giggle when you try this swing out for the first time, I was laughing hysterically, especially as I felt so exposed with my feet in the stirrups.~People who enjoy sex want to keep on doing it for as long as they can, I know I do. But sometimes the fun is sort of sucked out, sit in the adult swing - naked, and put your feet up in the stirrups, you will soon be giggling like a schoolgirl again with your pussy exposed for all the world to see.}

{We soon got going, swinging back and forth, his cock lapping my pussy every time I came close and soon, he just had to stick it in. The completely weightless feeling of him fucking me while all I needed to do was rock back and forth a little, was unexpectedly delicious and after I got over the giggles we were soon experimenting in a slew if different ways.~The manual seemed a bit clinical so the boyfriend and I threw it away and took out chances with out own creativity on the swing for the first time. Gently swinging back and forth, I could feel his cock just gently lapping my pussy and this really got me started.~We threw the manual away and decided to experiment on our own, so I got in (I could have been back to front for all I knew), and Joey started swinging me, just lapping my pussy with the tip of his cock. That was all it took for me to stop giggling, this fuck was more weightless than any underwater fuck and that was one of my favorites.}

{Me on top, oral sex, lap dances (he likes that) and all kinds of sexy maneuvers, this swing is much better than having sex underwater and for me, that is a big turn on.~He likes it when I lap dance while he sits in the adult swing, but this item makes it simple to do all kinds of experiments with sex, and it is even better than underwater fucking.~I tried lap dancing him and he liked that and wee tried all kinds of other positions too, but we soon realized that we actually needed the manual and rescued it from the garbage.}

{I wouldn't suggest you throw the manual away like we did, this can actually be a life-saver. We actually had to go and retrieve it from the trash after our first episode in the adult swing, because we realized what a stupid trick it had been to throw it away.~Unfortunately throwing the manual away was not such a good idea and we had to retrieve it from the trash. It contains so many good ideas that we would never have though of, and apart from being stained by a teabag and half a peanut butter sandwich, it was ok after we wiped it down.~After wiping of a bit of this mornings Vegemite toast and a soggy teabag, the manual was actually fin and it helped a lot with our experimentation. There are a lot of ideas that we would never have come up with on out own - so much for being creative types.}

{You can get as creative as you like, but at least with the manual, it helps you get creative where you never before thought it was possible. I hope you love your adult swing as much as I love mine. I keep it on a doorframe between my bathroom and bedroom, so we get some mirror action too.~Get creative and use the manual to guide you like we do, I simply love my new adult swing and I can move it to wherever we feel like doing it. I personally like it outside and in the bathroom where I have full wall mirroring.~My first experience on an adult swing, was one of the sexiest moments of my life. I have only every really felt that exposed for my gynae, but this was fun, that was not. Your life and sex life in particular will never be the same again - go on, spoil yourselves.}

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On Holiday in Thailand I Fucked My Way Out of a Fine

{It has always been my dream to visit Thailand, the sex capital of the world. When my brother asked me to join him there I didn't hesitate to take him up on it. He is a reprobate, so I was sure we would be in for some good fun. Little did I know that I was going to have to fuck my way out of a fine, but it wasn't all bad.~When my brother invited me to take a holiday with him in Thailand, I jumped at the chance. I know he wanted to go there to get jumped - it being the sex capital of the world; I just wanted to spend some time on the beautiful beaches. No fucky-fucky for me. Little did I know that I would end up fucking my way out of a fine.~My brother had been nagging me forever to go on holiday with him to Thailand. He is wicked and wanted to go there for the sex, I just wanted the beach, but I got more than I bargained for when I had to fuck my way out of a fine.}

{We were doing some vacation shopping and my brother left me to my own devices while he went into a brothel for some ficky-ficky. He likes to pay for a fuck, says it's more exciting, I had a drink at a bar and went outside for a cigarette.~Out one night, my brother spotted a live sex show and I wasn't in the mod for another coke guzzling, ping-pong ball popping "vagina's" session. You have seen one, and you have seen them all.~Just strolling through the streets one night, my brother wanted to go into a brothel. I just wanted to site at a quiet bar and watch the world go by. So we separated and went our own way. My brother likes to pay for sex, he says if they don't do it right you can make they do it all over again, until they do, do it right.}

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{I was standing outside the bar, happily smoking my cigarette when I saw a Thai policeman watching me from across the road. Thinking nothing of it, I greeted him and he tipped his hat at me, but kept on watching. I thought it a bit strange and then I realized he fancied me.~We went our separate ways, agreeing to meet at the hotel later, and I found a nice quite bar and settled down to meet some locals. Needing to smoke, I went outside and stood on the pavement, there was a cop across the road and his eyes met mine, so we cordially greeted one-another.~I found a bar, had a drink and went outside to smoke. There was a Thai policeman across the road watching me and I waved a greeting. But why was he watching me so? I realized that it must be because he liked what he saw and he wasn't bad to look at either.}

{Watching him from beneath my lashes, I enjoyed my cigarette and threw it on the floor to kill it. As I was about to walk back into the bar for another drink, I felt someone grab me by the inside of my elbow.~He kept looking at me and I wondered why - then I realized, he liked what he saw. He wasn't too shabby either. I killed my cigarette and went to go back inside the bar, and as I was walking in, I felt someone take my arm.~Glanced exchanges went back and forth across the street, there was a bit of chemistry here, but sadly my cigarette was finished, so I killed it on the pavement and went to go back inside the bar. Then I felt someone gently take the inside of my arm and I turned around.}

{Thinking I was about to be mugged I turned around fast to swipe my would-be mugger with my handbag, and just in time, saw it was the policeman. "Maa'm, please accompany me to the police vehicle." What the heck was going on?~When I turned I realized it was the policeman from across the road and he was asking me to accompany him. "Why?" I asked, so he said that he was going to fine me because I had broken the law.~It was the cop and very politely he asked me to accompany me to his police vehicle as he had to issue a fine. "A fine - for what?" I responded. For breaking the law was his response.}

{I asked him what the problem was and he said he had to fine me for dropping my cigarette butt on the pavement. "Why?" I asked, and he explained to me that this was against the law, and a $200 (US) fine applied.~Images of a Thai prison flashed across my mind and then, I thought to ask what was the reason for the fine? "For dropping your cigarette, it is a $200 fine." Oh god, this was about all my spending money, how could I get out of this? I charmed him.~I walked across the road with him, and he explained that I was not allowed to drop my cigarette in the street - it was a $200 fine. $200 US is a lot of money when you are on holiday in Thailand and I was still going to be there for another week, so I turned on the charm.}

{Trying to talk my way out of it, I said I was a tourist and that I didn't know the law and was promptly told that this was no excuse for breaking it. Thinking I might end up in a Thai prison (something no-one wants) I turned on the charm and I asked him how I could avoid the fine.~He responded that breaking the law by littering was a serious offence, I glanced about me at the clean streets and damned my filthy smoking habit. So I asked how I could get off the fine, he just came right out and said he fancied me, so I said let's go.~The last thing I wanted to do was land up in a Thai prison, and I said, that I didn't know I was breaking the law - he explain this was not a good enough excuse. When in Rome, do as the Romans. I asked how I could avoid getting the fine.}

{He wasn't shy, he just came right out and asked me for a date, so I said yes - $200 is a lot of money when you are on holiday. He invited me into the car, we drove off to a quiet beach and he fucked me right there in the car.~So this was how I found myself in a police car, fucking with a Thai cop, illegally on Phuket Beach, and actually having a really good time. Hell this was worth every cent of the $200, and I now wouldn't have to pay it. In fact the whole thing went down so well that he asked me out the next night.~He made no excuses, just came right out and said I could have a date with him and fuck my way out of it, so I agreed. We got into his police car and he drove me to Phuket beach, where it is illegal to fuck on the beach and this is what we did.}

{You know, I couldn't believe it, this was the first time I had ever fucked my way out of a fine, and he was so polite about it, but he could have been an axe murderer for all I knew. He drove me back to the bar and asked me if he could see me again the next day, so I agreed and we are still great friend - what a way to meet people??~We saw each other a few times after that, asnd he even took me for dinner at his family home, which was interesting, but the fucking was never so good as that first illicit fuck on the beach. Thank God he didn't turn out to be an axe murderer or a pervert.~To say that I was actually fucking my way out of a $200 fine, I was having a pretty good time. It must have been all the risks we were taking that got my endorphins kicking in all over the place. He enjoyed me so much he asked me for a real date the following night, and you know what, we still e-mail each other. Who knows, perhaps one day I will retire to Thailand.}

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I Was At A Business Lunch When The Bosses Secretary Saw My Bulge

{I had only been working for the new accounting firm for a couple of weeks when the boss wanted me to go out on a business lunch with a group of prospective new clients. I had now idea his secretary was going to be there, but the couple of times I had seen her in his office, see was giving me the eye.~When I joined the new accounting firm, this was my dream job, marketing with a view to new business development. It would get me off the adding machine and out into the field. The bosses secretary was a bold bitch and was giving my bulge the eye the few times I had the pleasure of meeting her, she called me, telling me the boss wanted me at a business lunch.~Starting at a new accounting firm in my dream job was intimidating enough, but when I saw the bosses secretary eyeing my huge package, I began to get nervous. What I wanted was to do my job - promoting a boring accounting firm, and I didn't need distractions. She called me over and gave me the details of a lunch! the boss wanted me to attend.}

{She was pretty cool and it was good for my ego to receive admiring looks, but no way was I going to mix work with pleasure, I had been burned before. But I knew she has seen my big bulge and was interested to find out more about it.~I knew she was trouble, but couldn't helped being flattered by her good looks and attention. I made a vow, there and then, not to get involved. Business and pleasure does not mix and shitting on your bosses doorstep makes no sense at all.~I could see from that moment she was trouble, and I wouldn't have been a bit surprised to find out she was fucking the boss. While it was flattering that my cock was receiving attention from this bold, blond beauty, it made no sense to get involved with her.}

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{I arrived at the lunch only to find that our guests hadn't arrived and it was just the boss and his blond, bosomy secretary. She gave me the look again, and I thought to myself, "this hell-cat is not going to be easy to say no to"!~The lunch guests had not arrived when I arrived, and my boss was there with his secretary. I though to myself, this looks like trouble! She was giving me that same look as before and I knew I would have to say no.~When I arrive at the restaurant, I was surprised to see his secretary with him and no guests, and couldn't help thinking trouble was afoot. She was giving me "that" look again and I thought " comes trouble"}

{Calmly we greeted each other and I took a seat opposite them, she calmly smiled and stuck her foot into my crotch under the table. Gently kneading and massaging my balls. It didn't take long for Sgt. Pepper to stand to attention and I kept fidgeting to try and stay out of her reach.~I took the seat opposite and she smiled her greeting. I started discussing the new clients with the boss and she reached under the table with her foot and started rubbing it up and down my crotch, I nearly jumped out of my seat and soon had a hard-on.~I sat myself down opposite her and she flashed a greeting smile across the table. The boss immediately delved into what he wanted with these new clients. But I was already distracted as she had her leg stretched out under the table and her foot in my crotch.}

{Just when I realized I was going to have to push my chair back, right out of her reach, our prospective clients started arriving. The boss was already giving me strange looks for fidgeting.~Trying not to fidget, I was getting some strange looks from my boss, and just as I was about to move seats, the guest arrived. I was stuck, there was no way I could move now!~It was impossible not to fidget, and I quickly got a hard-on. Every time I tried to wriggle away from her probing foot, she grinned and he looked at me very strangely. My conversation was stilted, to say the least.}

{Fortunately this was a good restaurant and the waiter had placed a linen napkin across my lap when I arrive, because I had to hang onto this to stand up and shake hands with our guests.~Thank heavens this was one of those restaurants where waiter lays the napkin across your lap on arrival. Because I had to hold onto this as camouflage when I stood up to greet our guests!~Just as I had decided to pull may chair away from the table completely our gusts arrived, I had to leave the napkin in my lap, while I stood up to shake hands. I could only thank God that this was a classy restaurant which used large linen napkins.}

{She was smiling uncontrollably, the guest just though they were the object of her bold smile in greeting. Meanwhile I had to look as relaxed as possible while standing, shaking hands and still holding the napkin in my lap as calmly as possible.~Seeing me juggling the napkin and trying vainly to disguise my problem, and shake hands at the same time, made for a strange scenario and she was smiling widely, you could see she was laughing at my tension and discomfort.~Trying to camouflage my hard-on with the napkin and remain calm to greet our guests was no easy feat. She obviously thought it was very funny, because I could see her grinning like a Cheshire cat and there was no other reason for this.}

{As the lunch progressed, she kept stretching her foot under the table and touching me, it was one of the most uncomfortable lunches I had ever had. But she also made me mad, so I resolved there and then that was the closest this bitch was ever going to get to my bulge and I would never let her have it.~As the lunch went on, so she kept trying to sneak her foot into my lap and I had to keep pushing it down, while pretending nothing was going on. This was a horrible distraction from the business being discussed and eventually I was really pissed off, while she still found it funny~Although the business was good and the lunch went off relatively well, I was extremely uncomfortable with the thought of her foot reaching up into my lap, which she continued to do, every time I thought she had decided to let me off the hook. Ultimately I just got really angry, while she thought she was cute.}

{I got her back at the next conference when she though she had be cornered on the dance floor and wanted me to share her bed that night. I made sure she was hot and heavy and thought she was going to finally get her hands on it, then I leaned over and whispered in her ear" I wouldn't fuck you, if you were the last woman left on earth; not even with someone else's cock!" it was a very satisfying moment for me. I never mix business with pleasure!~I made up my mind then and there that this woman would never get near my bulge again. We went a way on a company team building weekend and she made it plain she wanted me. So I played with her too and when she was really wound up and asked me back to her room, I looked her in the eye, and said. "I wouldn't fuck you - not even with someone else's cock", and smiled too, her response was very satisfactory, and I didn't mix business with pleasure.~This woman was a bitch I decided, and there was no way she was ever going to get! near my bulge again, let alone see it. At the team building weekend I really played her. She was coming on to me, so I got her worked up, she asked me to her room, so I went. When she invited me in, I pinned her up against the wall, stuck my hand up her dress and into her wet crotch and smiling while I whispered gently into her ear. "If you were the last woman left living on this planet, I wouldn't fuck you". I don't mix business with pleasure!}

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I Picked Up My Best Fuck Ever At A Hotel Bar

{I have picked up fucks all over the place, but I picked up my best fuck ever in a hotel bar. It was just after my divorce came through and I was footloose and fancy free, so I soon became a regular at a local watering hole, Jacks Bar, and gosh this story makes me cringe when I think about it.~I have never been shy to pick up a fuck and take advantage of it - a fuck is a fuck, but I picked my best fuck ever up in a hotel bar, and it is quite a story. Soon after my divorce, I decided to get out and about again and made friend in a local hotel bar. Someone said never shit on your own doorstep and they were right~You know what they say, a fuck is a fuck And I have never been a shrinking violet, or one not to take advantage of a fuck if it is going, I like sex, so what. I picked up my best fuck ever in a hotel bar, but this actually turned out to be a big mistake for me and I actually ended up feeling really bad about it in the end.}

{I was dancing with this guy and things were getting hot and heavy, he just about had my top off on the dance floor and I needed to go to the ladies. He followed me in there and before I knew is my top was off and I was down on my knees giving him a blow job.~One night I was dancing with this guy, a lot younger than me and good looking, he was a regular in Jacks Bar too. We were getting a bit out of control and went to the ladies, where one thing led to another and I was soon down on my knees giving him a BJ.~I had become a regular in a hotel bar after my divorce and one night I was there, dancing with a young guy who was really cute. Things were already getting hot on the dance floor, and the next thing I knew we were in the foyer of the ladies loo and I was on my knees with his cock stuck halfway down my throat}

{Adult contacts can be made in a bar, as this story will tell, online, or just about anywhere. It all depends what you are looking for, but it is highly unlikely you will find your soul mate in a bar or nightclub.~Adult contacts can be made anywhere by anyone, in a hotel bar, online, nightclub or church hall, it all about being open to make those contacts.~Make adult contacts in many places, hotel bars, online and virtually anywhere. But remember to make contact, you have to be open to contact.}

{We didn't even go into a stall to do it, just right there in the ladies loo, he got me up off my knees turned me around and stuck his big cock in me from behind. I was so turned on at the though of being caught, that I came in seconds.~He soon pulled my shirt up over my head and we didn't even bother going into a stall, just right there in the middle of the foyer of the loo he stood me up, pulled my pants down and started fucking me from the back. I came in moments, I was so turned on.~Pulling my shirt over my head, he reach down and stood me up with my back to him, down came my pants around my knees and up went my skirt and he was fucking me from the back. I was so excited, I came nearly the instant he entered me.}

{He went at it, pounding away at me, my pants round my ankles and driving his massive hardon into my cunt, for a maximum of two or three minutes before he came too. Afterwards, leaving the bathroom and continuing dancing where we had left off, it was the best fuck I'd had in years.~After banging me stupid with his big fat cock in a matter of minutes we were both finished, how we didn't get caught at it I don't know, but it was just one of those things, and we returned to the dance floor like nothing had happened.~God, did he ever fuck me hard, I couldn't believe the size and power of that boy, this was altogether the best fuck I had ever had. It is hard to imagine that no-one cam into the loo while we were fucking there, but I guess we were just lucky.}

{This was before I became a freelance writer and I had a pretty important job at a health management company. We needed a temp for the reception and I called the agency for them to hook us up with one.~At that time I had a responsible job for a private hospital company (in the days before I became a freelance writer). Our receptionist was off sick and I needed a temp to fill this front-line post for a few days, so I called the agency and got someone in.~This was long before I became a freelance writer and I held a responsible position at a health management company. We had a problem with a sick receptionists, so I called for a temp at our regular agency.}

{Anyway, the girl came around and she seemed fine, and as the head office was relatively small, we got chatting in some quiet moments. She has been temping for a couple of days, when she asked me if I frequented Jacks Bar, so I said, yes, I had been there once or twice. So she tells me, "I am sure my fiancé knows you".~The girl arrived and was fine for the job, and as she was there for a while we got talking. It seemed as if she knew me, but I couldn't put my finger on it, then one day she asked if I went to Jacks Bar, so I sort of said yes and though nothing of it. Then came the bolt from the blue, she said she was sure her fiancé knew me.~In this girl came and she worked out fin, but one day we were chatting, I could not figure out why I had this feeling I knew her. One day while chatting she said that she thinks her fiancé knows me, and did I ever go to Jacks Bar.}

{Not thinking about it very much I sort of went oh, what's his name and she told me, but it didn't mean very much to me at the time. Anyway about two days after that, I am walking through to the reception near quitting time, and her she is with her fiancé, so she says, "hey, Stephanie, this is my fiancé, the guy I was telling you about".~She told me his name and I thought "oh shit" I was sure is was the loo fuck guy, but couldn't be certain as I am not very good at remembering names. I forgot about it and walking into reception one quitting time, saw a guy waiting for her. He had is back to me, so she introduces us and he turns around, and it was him.~Not thinking about it that much I said yes, so she told me his name, but it didn't mean that much to me, I was not great at catching and hanging onto names. But I got a feeling that it might have been the toilet fuck guy. Then a day or so later I walked into reception and this guy was waiting for her and it was hi m.}

{He had his back to me, but it looked awfully familiar, and he turned around, imaging the look on my face when I realized that just the week before this temps fiancé had his cock in my mouth in the ladies loo.~The look on my face must have been an absolute picture as my heart jumped into my throat and I tried to keep my cool. This young girls fiancé had, had his cock halfway down my throat and right inside my cunt, just two weeks before.~I nearly dropped dead on the spot and trying to keep a calm persona was almost impossible. I felt bad that her guy had cheated on her and all I could picture was him with is tongue down my throat and worse.}

{I nearly fainted, when I saw him, I can still feel that feeling of shock and horror, the kind you get when you are quite literally caught with your pants down. I didn't even know the guy's name, God what a tart I was~That feeling of crap coming back to haunt you when you have shit on a doorstep so close to home, made me feel physically sick. "What a tart I am" I thought, I didn't even catch his name~My hotel bar fuck had come back to haunt me in the worse possible way, but when I told my boss the story he thought it was hysterical. I couldn't believe I had been such a stupid tart, and I never caught his name}

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I Was So Horny I Had Sex at the Bar

{I was visiting my girl Adeline after six months at the screw-up military camp and I really needed her bad. Unfortunately she was having guests home that very evening but she said she would meet me in the bar. I could understand she wanted me just as I wanted her.~It was after a whole six months that I was returning to meet my girlfriend Adeline. I was punished for my behavior by being forced to attend military camp and now I had got a brief release. But she was having someone over and agreed to meet me in the bar. Well, she wanted to see me badly too~My folks had sent me away to military camp because according to them I was getting too much out of hand. Now, after half a year, I was returning back. And more than anything else, I wanted to see my girl, my dear Adeline. I called her first thing. She said she would meet me at the bar}

{When she called me to confirm I was reaching on time, she asked me if I were dressed. She said she wanted to do something daring. What she said after that bowled me over. She said she would leave her bra and panties at home and come just with that blue dress I liked on her so much, with nothing underneath. And she told me to forget my boxers home as well.~Just before I was to leave, she called up. She said she was so horny she wanted to do something bad. She told me she would put on the gown I liked so much on her. And then she told me she wouldn’t put anyone underneath That really drove me wild. She wanted me to reciprocate too. No underwear… was the rule~And she told me she had something very wicked planned out. She said she would wear the dress I liked so much on her. And that she wouldn’t wear anything underneath that dress. I just went mad at the thought. She told me also—rather ordered—that I was not to put on any underwear either. Well, who wa s complaining?}

{So there I was, sitting on the bar stool feeling weird because of no underwear and waiting for her. Two Martini shots down, I saw her walk in, looking every bit as sexy as I had left her. Her nipples were pointing through her dress and I knew she had kept her promise.~I found myself sitting at the bar within the next hour and I was feeling so out of place because I was without underwear I had two shots of Martini to keep myself sober and then she walked in She was just as sexy as I had seen her last. I could see her huge nipples pressing against her dress, something that drove me wild immediately.~I made my way to the bar as soon as I can and felt odd sitting there waiting without any underwear inside. I swigged two quick shots of Martini. And then I saw her come in. Her nipples were pressing against her dress. So she had kept up what she said}

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{She came right up to me and sat on the next bar stool. There was no place for words. We immediately entered each others’ mouths. It was such a heady feeling. I was tasting this breath after so long. I went hard immediately.~She walked to me and sat next to me. We were so horny by now that we couldn’t even speak with each other. We broke the silence with a kiss… a real deep-throat kiss. This was the best thing I had got for a while. And I suddenly realized I had missed her so much. I got hard~There was no room for talk at all. We had both been starved so much that we directly got down to business. I kissed her on the face and stuck my tongue right in. She used tongue too. Soon, we were in a very deep passionate kiss. This aroused me no end.}

{Probably it was our passion or our chemistry, but people around us began moving away, like wanting to make some space for us. I was so horny right then… I began groping her everywhere I could. She moaned and groaned and that drove me wild. Everyone at the bar was looking at us by now.~Maybe it was the flame we shared or what we were doing that everyone else in the bar moved a bit away as if they wanted us to do our thing. The fact that we now had viewers made me all the more horny. I immediately began groping and gnawing at every bit of her flesh. She made all those sexy noises that made even the people sitting far away turn and look at us.~Suddenly I felt people were watching us. Maybe we were the height of passion right there at that moment. People even backed away to give us more room. Now that we had so many eyes on us, I felt hornier. I began grabbing at whatever part of her body I could find. She was making all kinds of sexual noises and everyone was now tuned in to what we were doing.}

{And then, in an instant, I undid her dress. Those breasts just spilled out. There was a collective groan from everyone at the bar. People started cheering. I was swept away. Immediately, I undid my pants, hoisted her legs right there on the bar stools and penetrated her. People started jerking everywhere around us and there were catcalls and a lot of hooting.~I could take it no longer now. I freed her from her dress. Her breasts just oozed out of her gown. People went wild and so did I. They started cheering I was totally consumed in the moment. I did away with my pants and pointed my raging erection right into her exposed pussy. People went on a wild jerking spree all around. They hooted and cheered.~It wasn’t difficult to go ahead now. I removed the dress she was wearing. It was on the floor. Her big breasts were out in their resplendent glory. People gave out sighs And I was the lucky one. I immediately undid my own pants and fished out my cock. I aimed r ight at the pussy and went as much inside as it could go. People all over had their cocks out and were shagging now.}

{We were both sweaty and pumping each other hard. A woman sitting a little away was fingering her clit. I was looking at her and fucking my girlfriend, groping her breasts. The music played louder and faster and after several minutes of wild passion I came inside her.~Our bodies were wet with sweat and passion. I saw a girl sitting a little away and she was fingering her pussy looking at us. That made me harder. I fucked my girlfriend’s pussy with fierier passion. The music went wild too. We had our orgasm almost at once.~I could hold it no longer. There was a female sitting a little away from us and she was probing her cunt with her finger. She was mad with passion and that made me hornier. I fucked my girl with renewed vigor. The music was faster now too. We both came at once.}

{The action thinned a little after that, but ten minutes later people cheered us on for an encore. Well, we weren’t complaining~And then people slowly began to disperse. But, mere 10 minutes later, the cheering started again. We didn’t mind giving them an encore~The show over, people began going their own sweet ways. But, it was a mere quarter of an hour later that the catcalls began again. The crowd was asking for a repeat performance}

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