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On Holiday in Thailand I Fucked My Way Out of a Fine

{It has always been my dream to visit Thailand, the sex capital of the world. When my brother asked me to join him there I didn't hesitate to take him up on it. He is a reprobate, so I was sure we would be in for some good fun. Little did I know that I was going to have to fuck my way out of a fine, but it wasn't all bad.~When my brother invited me to take a holiday with him in Thailand, I jumped at the chance. I know he wanted to go there to get jumped - it being the sex capital of the world; I just wanted to spend some time on the beautiful beaches. No fucky-fucky for me. Little did I know that I would end up fucking my way out of a fine.~My brother had been nagging me forever to go on holiday with him to Thailand. He is wicked and wanted to go there for the sex, I just wanted the beach, but I got more than I bargained for when I had to fuck my way out of a fine.}

{We were doing some vacation shopping and my brother left me to my own devices while he went into a brothel for some ficky-ficky. He likes to pay for a fuck, says it's more exciting, I had a drink at a bar and went outside for a cigarette.~Out one night, my brother spotted a live sex show and I wasn't in the mod for another coke guzzling, ping-pong ball popping "vagina's" session. You have seen one, and you have seen them all.~Just strolling through the streets one night, my brother wanted to go into a brothel. I just wanted to site at a quiet bar and watch the world go by. So we separated and went our own way. My brother likes to pay for sex, he says if they don't do it right you can make they do it all over again, until they do, do it right.}

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{I was standing outside the bar, happily smoking my cigarette when I saw a Thai policeman watching me from across the road. Thinking nothing of it, I greeted him and he tipped his hat at me, but kept on watching. I thought it a bit strange and then I realized he fancied me.~We went our separate ways, agreeing to meet at the hotel later, and I found a nice quite bar and settled down to meet some locals. Needing to smoke, I went outside and stood on the pavement, there was a cop across the road and his eyes met mine, so we cordially greeted one-another.~I found a bar, had a drink and went outside to smoke. There was a Thai policeman across the road watching me and I waved a greeting. But why was he watching me so? I realized that it must be because he liked what he saw and he wasn't bad to look at either.}

{Watching him from beneath my lashes, I enjoyed my cigarette and threw it on the floor to kill it. As I was about to walk back into the bar for another drink, I felt someone grab me by the inside of my elbow.~He kept looking at me and I wondered why - then I realized, he liked what he saw. He wasn't too shabby either. I killed my cigarette and went to go back inside the bar, and as I was walking in, I felt someone take my arm.~Glanced exchanges went back and forth across the street, there was a bit of chemistry here, but sadly my cigarette was finished, so I killed it on the pavement and went to go back inside the bar. Then I felt someone gently take the inside of my arm and I turned around.}

{Thinking I was about to be mugged I turned around fast to swipe my would-be mugger with my handbag, and just in time, saw it was the policeman. "Maa'm, please accompany me to the police vehicle." What the heck was going on?~When I turned I realized it was the policeman from across the road and he was asking me to accompany him. "Why?" I asked, so he said that he was going to fine me because I had broken the law.~It was the cop and very politely he asked me to accompany me to his police vehicle as he had to issue a fine. "A fine - for what?" I responded. For breaking the law was his response.}

{I asked him what the problem was and he said he had to fine me for dropping my cigarette butt on the pavement. "Why?" I asked, and he explained to me that this was against the law, and a $200 (US) fine applied.~Images of a Thai prison flashed across my mind and then, I thought to ask what was the reason for the fine? "For dropping your cigarette, it is a $200 fine." Oh god, this was about all my spending money, how could I get out of this? I charmed him.~I walked across the road with him, and he explained that I was not allowed to drop my cigarette in the street - it was a $200 fine. $200 US is a lot of money when you are on holiday in Thailand and I was still going to be there for another week, so I turned on the charm.}

{Trying to talk my way out of it, I said I was a tourist and that I didn't know the law and was promptly told that this was no excuse for breaking it. Thinking I might end up in a Thai prison (something no-one wants) I turned on the charm and I asked him how I could avoid the fine.~He responded that breaking the law by littering was a serious offence, I glanced about me at the clean streets and damned my filthy smoking habit. So I asked how I could get off the fine, he just came right out and said he fancied me, so I said let's go.~The last thing I wanted to do was land up in a Thai prison, and I said, that I didn't know I was breaking the law - he explain this was not a good enough excuse. When in Rome, do as the Romans. I asked how I could avoid getting the fine.}

{He wasn't shy, he just came right out and asked me for a date, so I said yes - $200 is a lot of money when you are on holiday. He invited me into the car, we drove off to a quiet beach and he fucked me right there in the car.~So this was how I found myself in a police car, fucking with a Thai cop, illegally on Phuket Beach, and actually having a really good time. Hell this was worth every cent of the $200, and I now wouldn't have to pay it. In fact the whole thing went down so well that he asked me out the next night.~He made no excuses, just came right out and said I could have a date with him and fuck my way out of it, so I agreed. We got into his police car and he drove me to Phuket beach, where it is illegal to fuck on the beach and this is what we did.}

{You know, I couldn't believe it, this was the first time I had ever fucked my way out of a fine, and he was so polite about it, but he could have been an axe murderer for all I knew. He drove me back to the bar and asked me if he could see me again the next day, so I agreed and we are still great friend - what a way to meet people??~We saw each other a few times after that, asnd he even took me for dinner at his family home, which was interesting, but the fucking was never so good as that first illicit fuck on the beach. Thank God he didn't turn out to be an axe murderer or a pervert.~To say that I was actually fucking my way out of a $200 fine, I was having a pretty good time. It must have been all the risks we were taking that got my endorphins kicking in all over the place. He enjoyed me so much he asked me for a real date the following night, and you know what, we still e-mail each other. Who knows, perhaps one day I will retire to Thailand.}

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