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AA Batteries Can Save Your Relationship

{The words AA batteries and sex toys work hand in hand. As women have become freer about expressing their sexuality, words such as rabbits, diving dolphins, and power bullets are no longer deemed to be referring to animals or weaponry. These are sex toys and when I bought my first vibrator, who knew that AA batteries would be responsible for improving my relationship?~Many sex toys operate off AA batteries and who knew that these would be responsible for improving my relationship. These days women are free to be open about their sexuality and diving dolphins, rabbits, and power bullets are part of many women's daily vocabulary, but not in reference to animals or armoury - these are popular versions of sex toys.~AA batteries are well known for being the energy source which sex toys operate from and it seems really strange that these little packets of power would be responsible for improving my relationship, and yet this is true. Power bullets, rabbits and diving d. olphins have become part of our daily vocabulary and yet these are not animals or weaponry, they are popular sex toys.}

{This was many years before adult party plan or the manufacture of sex toys for wholesale became a billion dollar industry. Back in the good old days when sex toys were powered by gasoline powered generators (joke).~I bought my first battery driven vibrator shortly after they were converted from being driven by the internal combustion engine - just joking. But I bought it many years ago, long before sex toys were popular items in the bedroom.~I purchased my first sex toy many, many moons ago - in the dark ages, and quite frankly without it, my sex life would have been pretty meaningless. Believe it or not both women and men have been using sex toys since Greek and Roman times and even before.}

{Like many women, I was not orgasmic when I had regular sex, but with a lot of good foreplay and a patient partner, plus my AA battery powered toys, practice soon made anything possible.~The majority of women are not orgasmic and I was the same, this was until I discovered the joys of a patient partner, a great vibrator and of course, the old faithful AA batteries. I soon learned that it doesn't hurt to ask for help.~I was not orgasmic until I brought a sex toy into my relationships and this is something which many women share. Things can change quite dramatically with the right partner and a bushel of AA batteries.}

{Today I am multi orgasmic, and you will more than likely find that millions of women out there have yet to discover the joy of these relationship savers.~Things have changed dramatically as far as my sex life is concerned, I enjoy multiple orgasms and I know that there are a great many women who could also use this help.~Enjoying multiple orgasms is within the grasp of every woman, and I know because this is how I am now. Compared to not ever enjoying an orgasm previously, this has made a big difference to my life and sense of fulfilment.}

{The reason why sex toy protagonists regard these gimmicky toys so highly in terms of relationship matters, is because it is highly frustrating to live a un-orgasmic life. You have a partner bouncing away on top of you who may or may not be aware that the sex is not fulfilling and if you don't tell him, it will be your fault if you feel dissatisfied or resentful.~While a rabbit vibe may seem like a frivolous toy, there is a lot to these gadgets that perhaps doesn't meet the eye. It is frustrating to participate in sexual activity when at the end you are left feeling as though the earth didn't move for you, and this make many women feel dissatisfied, no matter how many partners they try.~Looking at a rabbit vibe may mat the uninitiated think that this is something silly or even frivolous, but there is a lot more to this and other sex toys which don't meet the eye immediately. It can be very frustrating to be in a sexually unfulfilled relationship.}

{Gone are the days when women keep their mouths shut and take it like a man, and men want to know what is happening with their partners sexually. Intimacy is vitally important for a strong and healthy relationship.~This dissatisfaction may lead to resent, but the days when women were expected to suppress their sexuality are long gone. Men have also wised up and they are aware that they need be intimate and talk about these matters for a healthy relationship.~Sexual frustration may lead to resentment issues as well as dissatisfaction and yet, it is not yours or your partners fault, decide to change them. Intimacy and sexual release is important for both partners in a relationship for true intimacy to be achieved.}

{Marriages have been saved by something as small as a tube of lube purchased at a sex toy party. Highly regarded organisations such as Voices for Planned Parenthood and other societies which are against sexual suppression, are all for the use of sex toys in a relationship - every relationship.~It is amazing what a small bottle of stimulating lube and a vibrating bullet can do for marriages and other relationships, and sex toy parties are one of the fun ways of learning about these goodies. Serious organisations against sexual oppression and suppression have a lot to say for the humble sex toy.~A tube of lube and a diving dolphin can save a marriage, and it seems such a small thing to be able to make such a big change. Adult toys have become a way to do away with sexual suppression and are endorsed by leading organisations - these goodies may be purchased by party plan or sex toy parties and what a fun way this is to learn about them.}

{If you have never been exposed to sex toys before, you have to know that just walking into a sex shop in a sleazy part of town is not an easy thing to do, especially for shy or nervous people.~Walking into a darkened sex shop in the worst part of town is not the way to start your relationship with sex toys. Unless the thought of this turns you on - then you are thinking right.~Sex shops have a reputation for being dingy, sleazy and embarrassing to enter. But this does not have to be your introduction to sex toys. They may be purchased online or through party plan today.}

{Buying sex toys does not have to be like this today, there are thousands of online stores and even better, many women are making good money with adult party plan. These parties is they are a lot like Tupperware parties, only much more fun.~Shy or inhibited people will not find this an easy task, so the new innovation of online shopping or attending adult party plan events is a much better option. Adult party plan is a bit like a Tupperware party, its just the merchandise which is different, and it’s a lot of fun.~Adult party plan is so much fun and is a great way to introduce sex toys into your life, they are sold much like Tupperware, and just like Tupperware the new user will see that everyone else uses sex toys too.}

{Women get together, and even more relaxed couples host these functions. But the hostess is well trained regarding her products and able to demonstrate items, so they are not only seen inside the box, on the shelf of a dingy shop.~Women get together to attend these parties and even some open minded couples host them. The sales lady is trained regarding the products and what they do, and it is actually possible to demonstrate items - which means you get to take them out of the box and have a feel, this is not a Roman orgy.~These events are hosted by groups of girls and even couples, but the sexual threat is taken completely out of the equation because they are so much fun. You get to examine the toys - not sexually, but by holding them and looking at them, and are also introduce to accoutrements such as lingerie, lotions, potions, and even novelties.}

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