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I Picked Up My Best Fuck Ever At A Hotel Bar

{I have picked up fucks all over the place, but I picked up my best fuck ever in a hotel bar. It was just after my divorce came through and I was footloose and fancy free, so I soon became a regular at a local watering hole, Jacks Bar, and gosh this story makes me cringe when I think about it.~I have never been shy to pick up a fuck and take advantage of it - a fuck is a fuck, but I picked my best fuck ever up in a hotel bar, and it is quite a story. Soon after my divorce, I decided to get out and about again and made friend in a local hotel bar. Someone said never shit on your own doorstep and they were right~You know what they say, a fuck is a fuck And I have never been a shrinking violet, or one not to take advantage of a fuck if it is going, I like sex, so what. I picked up my best fuck ever in a hotel bar, but this actually turned out to be a big mistake for me and I actually ended up feeling really bad about it in the end.}

{I was dancing with this guy and things were getting hot and heavy, he just about had my top off on the dance floor and I needed to go to the ladies. He followed me in there and before I knew is my top was off and I was down on my knees giving him a blow job.~One night I was dancing with this guy, a lot younger than me and good looking, he was a regular in Jacks Bar too. We were getting a bit out of control and went to the ladies, where one thing led to another and I was soon down on my knees giving him a BJ.~I had become a regular in a hotel bar after my divorce and one night I was there, dancing with a young guy who was really cute. Things were already getting hot on the dance floor, and the next thing I knew we were in the foyer of the ladies loo and I was on my knees with his cock stuck halfway down my throat}

{Adult contacts can be made in a bar, as this story will tell, online, or just about anywhere. It all depends what you are looking for, but it is highly unlikely you will find your soul mate in a bar or nightclub.~Adult contacts can be made anywhere by anyone, in a hotel bar, online, nightclub or church hall, it all about being open to make those contacts.~Make adult contacts in many places, hotel bars, online and virtually anywhere. But remember to make contact, you have to be open to contact.}

{We didn't even go into a stall to do it, just right there in the ladies loo, he got me up off my knees turned me around and stuck his big cock in me from behind. I was so turned on at the though of being caught, that I came in seconds.~He soon pulled my shirt up over my head and we didn't even bother going into a stall, just right there in the middle of the foyer of the loo he stood me up, pulled my pants down and started fucking me from the back. I came in moments, I was so turned on.~Pulling my shirt over my head, he reach down and stood me up with my back to him, down came my pants around my knees and up went my skirt and he was fucking me from the back. I was so excited, I came nearly the instant he entered me.}

{He went at it, pounding away at me, my pants round my ankles and driving his massive hardon into my cunt, for a maximum of two or three minutes before he came too. Afterwards, leaving the bathroom and continuing dancing where we had left off, it was the best fuck I'd had in years.~After banging me stupid with his big fat cock in a matter of minutes we were both finished, how we didn't get caught at it I don't know, but it was just one of those things, and we returned to the dance floor like nothing had happened.~God, did he ever fuck me hard, I couldn't believe the size and power of that boy, this was altogether the best fuck I had ever had. It is hard to imagine that no-one cam into the loo while we were fucking there, but I guess we were just lucky.}

{This was before I became a freelance writer and I had a pretty important job at a health management company. We needed a temp for the reception and I called the agency for them to hook us up with one.~At that time I had a responsible job for a private hospital company (in the days before I became a freelance writer). Our receptionist was off sick and I needed a temp to fill this front-line post for a few days, so I called the agency and got someone in.~This was long before I became a freelance writer and I held a responsible position at a health management company. We had a problem with a sick receptionists, so I called for a temp at our regular agency.}

{Anyway, the girl came around and she seemed fine, and as the head office was relatively small, we got chatting in some quiet moments. She has been temping for a couple of days, when she asked me if I frequented Jacks Bar, so I said, yes, I had been there once or twice. So she tells me, "I am sure my fiancé knows you".~The girl arrived and was fine for the job, and as she was there for a while we got talking. It seemed as if she knew me, but I couldn't put my finger on it, then one day she asked if I went to Jacks Bar, so I sort of said yes and though nothing of it. Then came the bolt from the blue, she said she was sure her fiancé knew me.~In this girl came and she worked out fin, but one day we were chatting, I could not figure out why I had this feeling I knew her. One day while chatting she said that she thinks her fiancé knows me, and did I ever go to Jacks Bar.}

{Not thinking about it very much I sort of went oh, what's his name and she told me, but it didn't mean very much to me at the time. Anyway about two days after that, I am walking through to the reception near quitting time, and her she is with her fiancé, so she says, "hey, Stephanie, this is my fiancé, the guy I was telling you about".~She told me his name and I thought "oh shit" I was sure is was the loo fuck guy, but couldn't be certain as I am not very good at remembering names. I forgot about it and walking into reception one quitting time, saw a guy waiting for her. He had is back to me, so she introduces us and he turns around, and it was him.~Not thinking about it that much I said yes, so she told me his name, but it didn't mean that much to me, I was not great at catching and hanging onto names. But I got a feeling that it might have been the toilet fuck guy. Then a day or so later I walked into reception and this guy was waiting for her and it was hi m.}

{He had his back to me, but it looked awfully familiar, and he turned around, imaging the look on my face when I realized that just the week before this temps fiancé had his cock in my mouth in the ladies loo.~The look on my face must have been an absolute picture as my heart jumped into my throat and I tried to keep my cool. This young girls fiancé had, had his cock halfway down my throat and right inside my cunt, just two weeks before.~I nearly dropped dead on the spot and trying to keep a calm persona was almost impossible. I felt bad that her guy had cheated on her and all I could picture was him with is tongue down my throat and worse.}

{I nearly fainted, when I saw him, I can still feel that feeling of shock and horror, the kind you get when you are quite literally caught with your pants down. I didn't even know the guy's name, God what a tart I was~That feeling of crap coming back to haunt you when you have shit on a doorstep so close to home, made me feel physically sick. "What a tart I am" I thought, I didn't even catch his name~My hotel bar fuck had come back to haunt me in the worse possible way, but when I told my boss the story he thought it was hysterical. I couldn't believe I had been such a stupid tart, and I never caught his name}

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