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Sallys Special Deal For Car Discounts

{Well Sally day had finally arrived. Today was the day when she would finally be able to purchase her dream motorcar. After years of saving and catching public transport and relying on other people for lifts she would now have her own set of wheels. She had spotted the perfect car last weekend and knew that she had to have it. There were other vehicles to her satisfaction and even though this one was slightly out of her price range she decided that she would do anything to get that car today.~Sally had worked hard and scrimped and saved to be able to buy herself her first car. Now the long awaited day had arrived, it was time to make her greatest purchase.~Yippee. Today was finally the day that Sally had been longing for. After years of scrimping and saving she had finally got enough money to purchase her very own car. No more public transport for Sally!!! As she had been researching and investigating into purchasing her motor vehicle Sally knew pretty much what she could afford and what would suit her. She had her eye on one that was bright pink and would suit her but the only problem was it was a few grand out of her budget.}

{Getting dressed in a white clingy Singlet top with a short denim skirt she applied her lip-gloss and mascara and assessed herself in the mirror pleased with what she saw. She looked hot and she knew it. Sally purposely had no underwear on and her nipples showed through her top and she felt as sexy as ever. Strolling into the car yard Sally walked with a purpose and attracted the attention of every salesman in the place. As they rushed over to offer assistance she chose the younger more inexperienced salesman who was dribbling just looking at her.~Sally had visited many car yards and was still unable to find the "perfect" car. That was until she arrived at this one and there in front of her was just what she had been searching for. It was small, compact and exactly what she was looking for, and to top it all off it was bright pink!~Deciding to use her looks to her advantage Sally dressed in a low cut top and flaunted her sexy legs in a denim mini skirt with casual heels. Entering the caryard it took no time at all for her to gain the attention of any of the salesman and chose to go with the older gent who hurried over to her first. Asking to take it for a test drive he went to get the keys and eagerly jumped in the passenger side. Sally managed to get her short skirt to ride! all the way up when she lifted her leg to engage the clutch.}

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{Pointing out her dream car she asked a few questions about it and enquired with lustful lashes about getting a discount. Stuttering and hesitating the salesman who was already enchanted by Sally said he didn’t think so but would try. Seeing his vulnerability and acknowledging the power she had over him sexually already she asked if they could take it for a test drive. As he opened the driver door for her Sally hopped into the car and made sure she spread her legs wide enough for the salesman to cop an eyeful of her naked pussy all shaved and inviting.~Unfortunately the car was a couple of grand more than she had saved. She wanted this car badly and searched around for a salesman. She finally gained the attention of an older gent and he hurried over to her.~As the salesmen was getting full view of her breasts Sally knew she would do anything to buy this car as she absolutely loved it. Asking what the best price she could get the salesman named his price but it was still out of her pricerange. After bantering back and forth Sally asked if there was anything else she could do to lower the price.}

{Eagerly the salesman jumped into the passenger seat and the headed out of the lot. Whilst checking the car out Sally could tell the salesman was checking out her perky nipples protruding though her top and looking down fantasizing about what he had just seen under her micro mini skirt.~Sally asked if she could take the car for a test drive and the salesman went to get the keys. Sally wanted this car so bad that she knew she would do anything to get it. As the salesman got into the passenger side and she started her dream car up, Sally managed to get her short skirt to ride all the way up when she lifted her leg up to engage the clutch.~When he didn’t’ answer her Sally pulled over on the side of the road and as she pretended to fix her lip gloss in the rear view mirror spread her legs wide so that he would have full view of her neatly trimmed pussy. As he mumbled something about being married he couldn’t tear his eyes away from Sally’s pussy and as she s! lid her hand up her thighs and onto her clit he was breathing heavier. As she rubbed and moaned she could see his cock growing harder in his pants by the second.}

{Pulling over to a secluded section of the side of the road Sally pretended to give the car a thorough check under the bonnet ensuring the salesman got a full view of her cleavage. Bending right over with no idea what she was assessing under the bonnet she could feel the salesman eyes burning holes into her perky ass as her skirt came up with the motion.~Sally knew the salesman was getting an eyeful of her neatly trimmed bush. "What is the best price you can do on it she asked" The salesman named his price but it was still above what she had. After bantering back and forth with him for a while, Sally slid her hand down between her legs and asked him if there was anything she could do to lower the price even more. When the salesman didn't answer her, Sally pulled over to the side of the road and turned towards him, opening her legs and giving him a full view of her pussy. Sally smiled as he blushed and tried to look away, she knew he couldn't.~Leaning over and un! zipping his pants she stroked his rock hard shaft and circled her tongue on his tip. Teasing and tickling she blew lightly on his cock and covered it in light kisses.}

{The salesman couldn’t believe his luck when he watch sallies hand slide up between her thighs and started finger fucking her and playing with her clit. Growing intensely hard he looked around nervously to ensure no one was in sight. As she started moaning she reached around with her other hand stroked his shaft. Turning around and glancing up at him she asked “are you sure there are no discounts “ the salesmen said he surely could figure something out.~The salesman started to mumble something about being married but Sally had already leaned over and was rubbing at his already hard cock through his trousers. The salesman gave a little moan as Sally's hands started to undo his trousers button and then slowly drew down his zip, making sure that her other fingers trailed down his stiff cock. Pulling his hot hard cock free of his pants, Sally ran her thumb over the pre-cum dribbling from its tip. Slowly she raised her thumb to her mouth and sucked his juices! off. Running her tongue around her lips she told him again just how much she wanted this car.~Keeping eye contact and pumping him with her hand she started finger fucking her wet hot pussy and whispered in his ear if she would get a discount on the price of her new car. Moaning in anticipation the salesmen nodded in agreement clutching her slender waist.}

{Sally was still finger fucking herself and was moaning “fuck me, fuck me here, fuck me up the ass hard and fast”. In no time the salesman pants were down around his ankles and as Sally arched yer back and tilted tight ass into the air the salesman gripped her hips and slowly at first slid his cock into her tight as tight ass. Once he entered her ass Sally fervently finger fucked herself and played with his balls at the same time. Enjoying the sensation and hoping it would never end the salesman bent his knees slightly and pumped her hard and fast going deeper and deeper. Sally’s vigorous rubbing on her clit already had her in moans of ecstasy and with his powerful cock in her ass she knew she was coming. The sounds of her coming heightened the salesman sensation and as he thrust with all his might and with her moaning and the car rocking with their intense motion he released himself and came into her in such a violent rush he was left shaking.~Sally le! ant over the salesman, rubbing her pert little titties against his chest, and found the lever to lower his seat back. Now she the perfect position and she licked the palm of her hand and wrapped it around his throbbing cock, slowly she ran her hand all the way down the shaft then all the way back up to the head. Looking into the salesman's eyes she asked if she could get the car for a couple of grand cheaper than what it was. The salesman didn't say a word, just nodded vigorously. Sally smiled at him and keeping eye contact, lowered her hot wet mouth onto the knob of his cock.~Sally slid up and straddled the salesmen pushing her breasts into his face. As she lowered her wet pussy onto his hard cock the salesman could contain himself no longer and grabbing her slender hips hard locked her into position. Sally gyrated and pumped and down with his rhythm reaching behind her and stroking his balls at the same time.}

{As sally composed herself and the salesman hurriedly dressed they made their way back to the car yard. Drawing up the paperwork and giving the sally the discount she was happy with Sally drove out in her brand new car quite pleased with herself and her new purchase. Back at the caryard the salesman didn’t mind missing out on his own commission in order for the discount as he had just had the best fuck of his life~The salesman gasped as her hot wet tongue flicked on his knob and her mouth slid down along his shaft. Keeping her lips over her teeth so she wouldn't scrape his cock, she took him all the way down her throat and sucked hard as she sucked all the way back up. Sally started to finger her hot wet pussy as she sucked on his cock. The wet noises she was making with both her mouth and her pussy was driving the salesman wild. He was totally focused on her fingers diving in and out of her pussy. Sally felt him tangle his hands in her hair as she started to ! suck and lick his cock all up and down. Sally gagged and he pushed her head all the way down, forcing his cock deep into her throat. Then he exploded, spewing his hot salty cum deep down her throat. Sally swallowed his cum and pulled her skirt back down as she sat back in her seat and started her new car. They returned to the car yard where Sally signed the papers, got her keys and drove off in her brand new perfect car.~In no time at all his balls tightened and as he moaned in ecstasy sally slipped of his cock, lowering her head and catching his hot salty come in her mouth. She sucked every little be of come out of his dick and looked up licking her lips seductively. Back at the caryard not only did Sally get her discount on her car but also a free set of seat covers from the happy salesman. Driving away Sally couldn't help but feel pleased with herself and her new purchase.}

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