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My Doctor Recommended I Experiment With Lesbian Sex

{I went to see my GP to ask her why I felt such intense pain when my boyfriend fucked me. After listening to my whole story and doing an exam, she concluded that my problem could be psychological and her recommendation was that I tried lesbian sex.~After suffering very painful sex for a long time, I finally went to see my doctor. I asked her why I have so much pain when he penetrated me and she was very thorough in her diagnosis. She suggested that I was too nervous about being penetrated and suggested I try sex with a woman.~I simply had enough of the pain I felt when my boyfriend penetrated me, so I went to seek help from my doctor. She took her time and listened to everything I had to say and even gave me an internal examination. You suffer from nerves she declared. Try having sex with a female.}

{I simply looked at her and asked her if she knew any lesbians that I could phone. She smiled and slipped me a number on a card when I left her office. I walked round with this number for weeks and after another very painful session with him, I phoned.~I told her I did not know any lesbians and she simply smiled at me. As I left she gave me a number and told me to phone when I am ready to experiment. I did not phone for a long time, but soon the pain became worse and I decided to use the number.~Trying not to look shocked, I asked her if she knew any lesbians I could contact. She replied that she knew just the person and slipped me a number. After three painful sessions with my boy I decided to phone the number.}

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{My doctor answered. Confused I apologized, but she laughed. You phoned the right number she said coyly – I always thought you were the sexiest girl I have ever seen. Two hours later we were sharing a bottle of wine in her flat. I felt a bit uneasy, but her conversation made me relax completely.~The person on the other side was nobody else than my doctor. I am sorry I said, but I thought this was the number of a lesbian you gave me. It is she laughed and invited me over to her place later that night. Soon we were talking like old friends, drinking some wine and sharing laughter.~The person on the other side sounded just like my doctor. I thought you gave me the number of a lesbian I said. I did she replied and laughed out load. Come over so that we can talk about this she invited. Hours later we were sharing bottle of wine and lots fun.}

{As she leaned over to kiss me for the first time, I closed my eyes. Nope, she said, stay here with me and look me in the eyes. So I did as she took control of my body and all of my senses. My arousal came naturally and fast. I wanted her so badly that I nearly could not breath.~I saw that she was going to kiss me, so I prepared by closing my eyes. She kissed me and asked me to look at her as she wanted me present and not shut from her gaze. I obliged and she took control of my soul and body like no one ever before could do. I gave myself to her completely.~Later the evening I sensed that she was going to kiss me, so out of habit I closed my eyes. No she said, look at me, share your soul with me she asked. I looked deep into her eyes and felt a flame being lit in my soul. We kissed and explore each other – fully connected on all levels. I wanted to have sex withy this women.}

{Naked she led me to her bed and laid me down on my back. I tensed up as I knew what pain I was about to feel, but as she slipped a finger inside me it glided in softly like silk, She smiled and slipped a second finger inside me. I loved the feeling and there was no pain. Her hot tongue took away the last worries of pain I ever had.~We ended up on her bed and she was licking her finger. I tensed up in fear as I dreaded the pain of some one entering my pussy. Relax she said and slowly slipped her into me. I felt nothing but a silky smooth finger inside me. My sigh told her that I was fine and soon I was riding all of her fingers inside me. I did not realize how much I missed this feeling.~We ended on her bed and she was going to slip her finger inside me. I tensed up – waiting for the familiar pain, but as she opened my pussy up, I felt the sensation of a silky finger inside me. No pain. I loved it. I coached her to use all of her fingers inside me and pushed my self onto her hand with force.}

{I watched as she put on a double sided dildo with one half inside her and the other half meant for me. As she slowly penetrated me I gave myself completely to this experience and felt what I really felt like being filled by a cock. I loved it.~She strapped a dildo onto herself and lifted my legs up high. I felt how the shaft filled me to my maximum but no pain. This was pure heaven. Our eyes stayed locked as she fucked me hard and deep. I screamed with joy and pleasure.~Sensing that I was ready, she strapped on a massive dildo and went on to fuck me half senseless. I moved and offered her my pussy from all angles. She obliged and drove deep inside me. I could not get enough.}

{She fucked me in every position we could master, giving herself just as much pleasure as she was giving me. We came together two times before she finally withdrew and fell down next to me. We held each other for hours and simply made some satisfied noises.~We fucked for most of the night and changed roles quite often. Three orgasms later we both fell down breathlessly happy and hugged and kissed for hours. This was great. I have never enjoyed sex as much as this. My doctor was right.~We took turns using the dildo on each other and brought ourselves to numerous orgasms. Finally we just lay in each others arms, purring like cats. I told you, it was your nerves she said jokingly.}

{I never saw her again. I ditched my current boyfriend and after a few weeks I picked up another guy from a bar. His cock was massive and I felt the old familiar fear crawl up my spine as he was about to fuck me. My mind went to the night my doctor fucked me and I relaxed immediately.~She never took my calls again and closed her practice. I dumped my boyfriend and a month or so later I took a new man home. He had a massive cock, but I wanted him to fuck me. My fear almost took control, but thoughts of my doctor calmed me.~I never called her again , nor went to her practice after that night. My boyfriend got the boot and soon I saw a stud in a dark corner of a bar. I knew I wanted him inside me and sure enough, an hour later he was ready to fuck me. For a slight moment I chocked t the thought of possible pain, but the doctor flashed before my eyes and I opened up my legs for him. He did his best to satisfy me, but I simply could not get enough of him.}

{This guy fucked me like a wild animal and I simply could not get enough of him inside me. I offered him my pussy and thrusted back so hard he looked quite shocked. When he was sweating, I flipped him on his back and rode his cock for another ten minutes before he shot his hot load all over me and himself. Dam lady, he said. You are a hot fuck.~My new lover went crazy for this girl that simply could net get enough of him inside her. I pushed him in as deep as I could with my claves and when he fell down tired out, I straddled his cock and rode him hard and deep. He came twice during the night and left smiling with my number in his pocket.~He finally gave up and let me ride his cock as deep as I wanted. He came twice that night and left somewhat bewildered. I wanted more, he simply could not deliver. I missed out on so much sex before, that I went back to the bar and picked up another stud for round two.}

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