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he Day I Got a G Spot Vibe

{The G spot is considered to be the most elusive regions of the entire human anatomy. I had read so much about it that I was really intrigued. I wanted to give some of my women their ultimate G spot pleasure—well, that actually became a passion with me~They say the G spot is the most difficult to find location in the female body. This little area has always fascinated me. I am a man, and probably that’s why I am more interested . Till yesterday, I just had one aspiration in life—to be able to give one of my women a G spot vibe.~I have become almost sick of reading that the G spot is the most complex of regions within the female body. I have always been intrigued by this and have always dreamt of giving my women their G spot vibe. And that was what I was living for}

{And just yesterday, I think I hit jackpot I was with this woman and I know I gave her a G spot vibe. I am pretty darned sure. She was all so messed up when she came and she was so much in ecstasy that it was sure nothing else~And that aspiration died yesterday. The reason—I actually gave someone a G spot vibe That woman was left wanting for more One look at her and I could say I had hit the right spot with her. Her earth-shattering orgasm left nothing to the imagination.~Until yesterday Yesterday, for the first time, I was able to give a woman her G spot vibe. It was the most amazing feeling for me. This woman wanted so much more, I could tell. She was a complete goner by the time I was done with her.}

{Well, I did do some homework on how to go about it. It isn’t all that simple, you know. I started with giving her a great amount of foreplay, which I know always works, I made her really hot and sweaty.~Now don’t you go about thinking it is all that easy. There are things to be done. Even I did a lot of research and found out how to go about it. I took things patiently and started with a slowly mounting tension of foreplay, and she was hooked right then and there.~But you don’t need to think that it is very simple. Actually, you have to do a lot of preparation. I read some about it before I proceeded. I went about it slowly. I actually spent time with a lot of foreplay. I started slow and then picked up the momentum.}

{Just when she became unstoppable with all the fingering and the licking, I stopped. She almost died But then I removed one of the hugest sex toys she must have seen. Her eyes as round as saucers, I told her I was going to use it on her. Her eyes looked alarmed, but I knew there was a vast reservoir of excitement hidden in there.~Then I turned on the heat. I fingered her and I licked her and made her all hot and horny. And just when she wanted me in, I fished out one of the biggest sex toys she must have seen in her darned life She was just so surprised and I don’t know what she felt when I said I was going to put that inside her. I knew she was horny as hell~Slowly, things began to happen. I put my fingers in her and then I started putting my tongue in. She was raging hot by now and she begged me to go right in. But, I didn’t. Instead, I took out what I had brought—a giant sex toy She was almost flabbergasted at the size of it and then I told her I was going to stick it right into her. Even with all the apprehension, I could tell, she was stupendously excited.}

{Ever so slowly, I made her part her legs. She was wet down there and I knew she was totally ready for anything. I was so horny at that time, I could have fucked her and come right then and there, but I was looking for something better. I was looking at having my first G spot vibe from my woman. I knew it would happen tonight.~Then I gently separated her legs. She was very moist there and I liked it. I knew she was wanting more. That moist pussy made me so hard myself that I wanted to leave everything else and penetrate her right then and there but I stopped myself. Experiencing my first G spot vibe from a woman was more important to me.~I slowly got those lovely legs to part and reveal her succulent pussy. That did it for me. The cunt was as moist as ever can be and I was a raging bull already I wanted to forget everything and go right in at that moment, but I checked myself. Right now, experiencing my first G spot vibe orgasm with a woman was crucial to me.}

{The dildo went in easily. First I teased her clit with the sex toy and I slowly began penetrating her, millimeter by millimeter. She was enjoying the tease no end; I could see that. And then when the sex toy was inside her to a substantial degree, I put on the knob on it that started the vibrator.~I got in the dildo quite easily. I did some teasing and then gradually got the tool inside her. It was going in slowly and she was enjoying it infinitely. Her moans and sighs increased and when I knew she was very so hot she couldn’t handle it, I turned the vibrator on the sex toy on.~Then, very gradually, I began to slide the dildo into her. I first allowed its tip to tease her clit and then slowly began jamming it inside her. I could tell she hadn’t experienced such a thing ever before. She was almost audible now, and that was when I turned on the vibrator on the sex toy.}

{The scream of excitement she let out at that moment filled the entire night She clutched at the sheets and moved her legs up and down. I knew I had hit the G spot. It was that reaction all right.~This really exploded her She positively shrieked in the excitement and her whole body began to tremble. Her fingernails began to tear at the sheets in all the frenzy. I knew my sex toy had found her G spot for me. This was the reaction I had read about.~She almost yelled in all the excitement. Her whole body arched and began to quiver in a most amazing manner. She was unstoppable. Her fingernails went into the sheets and she tore them into shreds. I understood what was going on—I had hit her G spot}

{Then, suddenly I removed the sex toy and put my cock inside her. I was harder than I ever was and her wet quivering pussy made all the difference. I came inside her at the very moment that she scratched my back with her fingernails.~Then, when I knew she was just near her breaking point, I removed the sex toy and rammed my penis inside her. I was so hard that I never think I was that much before. It was her warm cunt that made all the difference right now. I exploded inside her, and at that very moment, she rammed her fingernails into the flesh of my back.~I knew she would just come now at any moment. I quickly removed the sex toy from inside her and then stuffed my cock into that pussy. I had never gotten harder than that and her warm dripping cunt was making things all the more adventurous for me. I couldn’t stop myself—I came like a horse. She came too, and it was a total explosion}

{So, that was my most explosive sex ever. I am a proud guy now, a guy who has given her woman a G spot vibe experience~I have never had sex like that ever I am really happy with myself; I have been able to give my woman a G spot vibe and a great orgasm to follow.~That was it—my best sex ever. Giving a woman her first G spot vibe is something I can boastfully tell about to my friends now.}

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