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A Coffee Date Led to My Discovery of Toys For Adults

{Sex toys are obviously for adults, and it all makes sense because sex is the way adults play. But who knew that my coffee date would lead me to my discovery of these items, and what a breakthrough this was.~Adults play in their own way, and for many adults this means sex. Sex toys are aptly named as the kind of toys that adults play with and who would have believe that a simple coffee date would lead to my discovery of these fascinating aids.~Sex it the way that adults play, but in the past this fun activity ahs been taken far too seriously. Then came the sex toys, an it had a bad rep for being a toll used in porn movies, this is no longer the case, these are mainstream items now, and my discovery of them came from a coffee date.}

{To me, a “coffee date” has always been a euphemism for more than just a date, made to seem innocuous. However, it has become the acceptable euphemism for meeting anyone for the first time and when a new person recently came into my life, I agreed to this “coffee date” even though I don’t drink coffee!~“Coffee Date” has always had a strange connotation for me. I find the over-use of this euphemism a little odd, perhaps because I have never appreciated the fine art of coffee drinking. I would rather have a beer in a bar or a cup of green tea. But today if you want to meet people you have to be prepared for the “coffee date”.~When people say to me, “let’s meet for coffee” it always makes me feel strange – why coffee? Is coffee more respectable than beer, or is this just a nicer way of saying let’s meet up and see if we might like to shag? Who knows, but today a coffee date is an acceptable way to meet strangers.}

{It is strange how some people touch you sometimes, but when I met Gary, we clicked immediately. Initially the coffee meeting went well and we agreed to see each other again. After a few dates, definitely not coffee dates and a rapidly growing intimacy, we started to discuss the possibility of taking our relationship to the next level, another euphemism for “sex”.~When Gary and I met on our coffee date, we immediately clicked, and I didn’t really go with an open mind, but there you have it. Soon we were actually “seeing” each other and a growing sense of intimacy started to pervade our relationship. We were definitely taking things to the next level, and pretty quickly too.~If I was going to get any dates at all I realized that the inevitable “coffee date” was going to have to be kept and this is how Gary and I met. Fortunately we clicked straight away and I have to admit when I met him, drinking coffee was furthest from my mind. All I could think wa s – “oo, I would like to shag you”. So we started seeing each other and things soon got serious.}

{When we spoke about this I was a little shy at first but he was so open and honest that it all seemed quite natural. He then brought up the subject of Sex toys and I shyly admitted that these had never really been big on my agenda, although I wasn’t averse to trying them, my previous relationship had just not been very sexually adventurous.~Soon our conversations turned to sex and I actually felt quite comfortable speaking with him about this. I had not really ever been this open before but he made me comfortable and soon the conversation led to Sex toys. Not something I had ever contemplated or been very adventurous about.~It didn’t take long for us to start talking about sex, and like the mature adults we are we discussed it in depth before we actually tried it. He was easy to speak to and I felt comfortable, he also brought up the subject of Sex toys; not something I had really got into before.}

{In fact it was totally boring and this was one of the reasons why I had seen fit to call it a day!~My last relationship wasn’t terribly sexual and in fact, this was why I had given up on it and allowed it to die a slow and painless death.~The last relationship I had was not very adventurous and I had been previously married to a selfish pig.}

{The long and short of it was that right from the start Gary and I were honest with each other and when we did get sexually active, we immediately started to explore the possibility of sex toys.~From the very word go, Gary and I hade embarked upon a journey of discovery together and from this honesty, we launched out exploration of sex toys. It is hard to believe that a subject like this could be meaningful, but it is.~Gary and I had a pretty whirlwind romance and it was, and still is, filled with adventure. It is honest and open and the exploration of the world of adult play including the introduction of sex toys has actually been great fun as well as meaningful}

{He is definitely of the new generation of men who believe that women should be pleasured before the male partner gets his satisfaction. We had some pretty good and very funny shopping sprees.~I was lucky to find Gary, a man who understands that it is important for a women to also be sexually fulfilled in a relationship. Out shopping sprees for sex toys were, in fact still are a lot of fun.~I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found Gary, he is a modern man with modern views on female sexuality and this for me is refreshing. Shopping for sex toys has become just as much fun as experimenting with them.}

{First we started looking online, and then I heard about adult party plan and how much fun it was for all the girls to get together to buy plastic ware of a different kind. My girlfriends and I have all hosted a couple of these parties and as well as adding to our collection of sex toys, we have made a lot of new friends.~I was a bit shy in the beginning and didn’t fancy walking into a sex shop, so we shopped online. Then we discovered a new way to add to our collection. Adult party plan! I have hosted a few parties and grown a whole new circle of like-minded friends, as well as added to my collection of adult toys, lingerie, lotions potions and all kinds of goodies.~Although I was a little shy at first and would only order these adult toys online, things have changed since I discovered adult party plan. I met and agent and hosted a function and a lot of things changed. I have made a lot of new girlfriends too and we take it in turns to host parties and stock up on sexy items.}

{What really surprises me is that a simple coffee date, that I was completely skeptical about in the first place, has led me to this exciting new place in my life. My circle of friends is growing, my relationship with Gary is growing into love and is on an incredibly even and very satisfied keel; and all because of a cup of coffee, a bit of honesty and some great adult fun!~It’s amazing the changes in my life, all from a little bit of honesty, a coffee date and a handful of sex toys. I am kept satisfied and happy, Gary is kept satisfied and happy and I have a load of satisfied and very happy friends too , we all have such a good time together.~The changes I have experienced have been pretty amazing, I now have a rapidly growing collection of sex toys, role play outfits, lingerie, potions and lotions, as well as a great relationship with Gary and a host of new friends. All because of a coffee date and sex toys; who would have thought?}

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